Hey Siri Whats New and Whats Not iOS 11 Rocks


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What seems like light years ago was the vision of a man we lost a little too early. One wonders what would he have planned to unveil this summer - Tim Cook.


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Hey Siri, What’s New & What’s Not! iOS 11 Rocks!!


Steve Jobs -Defines a Vision, Light Years Ago.. “An iPod, a phone, an internet mobile communicator... these are NOT three separate devices! And we are calling it iPhone! Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone. And Here it is……”

The Enviable Features & Apps:

The Enviable Features & Apps


Files App Becomes More Comprehensive iOS 11 completely does away with the iCloud Drive app


Subtle Design Changes Control Center The revamped Control Center has a bubble - style icon Lock Screen Lock screen and the Notification Center have been merged into one entity


Siri Becomes More Human For better pronunciation and a more expressive voice, Siri has been powered by deep learning


The All New App Store is Here Alternatively, users can now turn off reviews entirely in settings


Driving Safe with iOS11 Do not disturb while driving feature mutes all the incoming notifications when the phone senses the action


Imagine in Style with AR iOS is could easily be one of the largest augmented reality platforms


Quick Type Keyboard for Extra Convenience All the keys, letters, numbers & special characters remain on the same screen avoiding shifting


Paying Gets Easier with Apple Pay A new Apple Pay Cash card has all the funds received which can be used to make Apple Pay purchases


Tune in into Apple Music iOS 11 provides with a new feature of Apple Music which helps to share the playlists with friends


The Best of the Snaps with Camera HEVC is implemented which results in twice better compression and takes less storage space


Apple News in the Limelight Every day there is a new topic and stories centered on that topic is highlighted

iOS 11 for the iPad:

iOS 11 for the iPad


The All New Dock In iPad, the Dock has been expanded and the new updates make the Dock more persistent


App Switcher App Switcher makes it easier and more intuitive than ever to multitask


Drag and Drop A drag action can now be easily initiated with a tap and a hold while other fingers can be used to open up the Dock to drag and drop items


A giant step for iPhone A monumental leap for iPad www.apple.com

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