All Work and No Play Gamification is the New Way

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Gamification apps and solutions is the next big thing in the approaches for enterprise solutions; both web based and app based.


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All Work and No Play Gamification is the New Way User engagement gets a completely new avatar with Gamification. A completely fresh approach to doing business and work gaming while doing the more routine and serious things is the exciting new way to entice and motivate users while value adding to enterprise solutions. The environment of participation built by bringing Gaming into Enterprise solutions gives a sense of achievement to the participants who could be employees and customers both at all times. Discussions and research point out that Gamification apps and solutions is the next big thing for enterprise solutions both web based and app based. Gamification Put to Use Gamification depends solely on imagination and ingenuity of the designers of the systems. Put to use to make almost any task interesting Gamification solutions and apps bring excitement to the unpredicted. Gamifying Everything  E-commerce  Enterprise  Education  Social Media Gamification of e-Commerce Solutions e-Commerce and enterprise solutions weave in into each other to offer the best to the customers. Besides all other benefits gamification brings to e-Commerce it makes the shopping experience completely interactive. The challenges of the game compel the users to go ahead for more and keep adding to their shopping carts and lists.

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Personalization of mobile apps and solutions across channels of communication is a buzzword today Personalization when combined with Gamification makes the shopping experience on website gamification solutions completely unique and relevant. Popular Gamification Techniques in e-Commerce Solutions and Apps Been there done that. One way or the other we all have experienced the tactics of Gamification. Subtle or brash gamification touches the online world as no one else does today. o Integrating Gamification  Rewards for achieving goals  Points  Badges  Levels  Discounts  Gift cards  Free shipping  Leader board  Virtual currency o Progress bars to motivate Data Collection is a Part of the Game Gamification platforms expect the users to share basic details register and log in using social media or email as well. Subtle data gathering is constantly on during gamification. The Big Data collected thus is put to use for predicting user choices to devise promotional tactics like offer generation and market segmentation. Crowdsourcing Playing with Many Crowdsourcing is converted to an interesting game from being a serious piece of business. Feedbacks and solutions to tricky situations are easily crowdsourced with gamification on the website. Engaging The Customer Customer Relationship Management is a very critical component in the success of a business. Remaining connected with the customers may require various channels of communication. Gamifying these approaches is the fresh new way of user engagement. Newsletters emailers and calls become mundane and old fashioned. Tricks in a game to lure the user to the website for transactions becomes the newest method to do so. More so because gamification is easily identified with Social Media. User Onboarding Quite Easily Done User Onboarding can become a preachy affair if not designed with a little bit of casualness. Gamification makes this exercise easy interactive and more interesting. An increasing number of enterprise solutions and apps resort to gaming for user boarding to keep up the fun quotient. Givling – an App for Gamified Crowdfunding Givling an Android based app created by SPEC INDIA is a rage with its innovative concept of gamified crowdfunding through gamification apps and solutions. A Trivia game puts students with study loans in a queue and pays off their loans with the money collected from other players. It keeps the excitement on by dishing out daily cash prizes to the players as well The players payoff the student loans by scoring in a game of questions and answers and collecting coins.

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Givling verifies the student loans is secure and assures the players that their money is used for the intended purpose by authenticated recipients. Mixing fun and a social cause makes the game worthwhile interesting and exciting. The Queue line up in the game equally distributes the money amongst the top few students in the queue until their loans are paid off. New recipients replace the ones whose debts are cleared. The payments are done in the most conducive manner through Paypal or Braintree and are easily encashable. Givling is available for both Android and iOS. Tips for Gamifying Solutions Leverage Gamification to Achieve Business Objectives Gamification is much trickier than creating a game itself. At the onset of the design it becomes very important to have a co-relation between the game its accomplishments and the business goals achieved. Customers and employees are bound to lose interest if the game does not bring in a sense of accomplishments and benefits and at the same time the gamification loses relevance if it does not roll out any advantages to the enterprise. Make the Game Interesting for the Users Making the game keep the user’s attention with appropriate relevance is at the centre of the design. When gamification becomes an interactive and personalized addition to the solution it is sure to keep the users bound. Going with the Trends in Technology

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This novel approach it goes without saying needs to be constantly evolving in accordance to the current trends and technology to support it. Personal devices like smartphones wearables and tablets should be an integral part of these solutions. On a Parting Note It did start with Gamifying to entice the customers but Enterprise gamification is trending too. Gamification apps and solutions at work reduces the intensity of the mundane tasks related to every day working patterns. Setting and achieving goals becomes an exciting task and the publicizing of accomplishments becomes an encouraging exercise in itself.  Keeping employees motivated to achieve the tasks  Subtleness in employee Feedback  Integrating Training into the Corporate Setup  Creativity Mobile devices integrated into the Enterprise Solutions with the BYOD approach makes gaming an experience easily indulged in on the go. Visit Request A FREE POC To Test Drive our Services

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