Chhattisgarh Development

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Chhattisgarh Development


In order to deal with the issue of tribal development and the elevation of poverty , the Chhattisgarh Tribal Development Programme (CTDP) along with International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFDA),a specialized agency of UN, has formulated an innovative poverty alleviations programme in three districts namely Sarguja , Jashpur and Raigarh in the state of Chhattisgarh.


It deals with the objective of Chhattisgarh Development and providing the tribal groups the sufficient habitation facilities in the selected micro-sheds . The target group consists of mainly tribal population.


The programme would focus on the poorest and most vulnerable people including tribal women, youth and children , hill cultivators, scheduled castes, and landless, marginal and small farmers.


To ensure the household food security and improves livelihood opportunities and overall quality of life of the tribal population based on sustainable and equitable use of natural resources.


For the purpose of Chhattisgarh development activities in the village , a Gram Sabha was formed in every selected natural village , the project implementation committee (PIC) for preparation of plan for Gram Sabha was also formed the other technical committees like Watershed Committee, Community based Forest Management Committee, Village Credit Committee, etc . for assistance in the implementation.


The Line Departments , facilitating NGO's provides the technical guidance and other assistance to these committees.


It is an excellent way to help the tribal community to access the development needs and plan and implement appropriate development activities for improving the living standard of the people.


The description of the project can be given as: Community Bio-gas project The construction of the decentralised Vermicom posting Pit


Community Bio-gas project Under this project , biogas plants were installed with the help of CREDA . Each household in the tribal region will utilise the dung of its cows to feed the digester for the production of biogas for cooking purpose and heating of hot water.


Its objective is to replace the commonly used inefficient wood fired mud stoves technology , with clean, sustainable and efficient biogas . It is very beneficial as it will save the fuel wood and fossil fuel and will reduce the Green House Gas (GHG) emission.


The construction of the decentralised Vermicom posting Pit It comprises recovery and destruction of methane from manure and wastes from agricultural activities which would be decaying aerobically emitting methane to the atmosphere in the absence of project activity.


Methane emissions are prevented by installation of vermin composting pit . Inorganic fertiliser was used for agricultural purpose. Its benefit is it reduces N2O emission from agriculture.


The process of reforestation in watershed land has also started in the area . A number of watershed lands is utilised for reforestation activity.


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