Global warming

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Presented by: Anil Dhankhar Devina Sinha Deepika Sadana Sakshi Sharma Anmol Verma Sakshi Sharma Anmol Verma

agenda : 

agenda Introduction Why it happens? Proof of Global Warming. Causes Effects How can we stop it. Conclusion

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increase of earth’s surface temperature due to build up of greenhouse gases in atmosphere. is a broader term that refers to long term changes in climate including average temperature & precipitation. GLOBAL WARMING CLIMATE CHANGE

Why it happens : 

Why it happens

proof that global warming is taking place : 

proof that global warming is taking place Drought Flood

Continue……. : 

Continue……. Portage Glacier 1914 2009

Causes of global warming : 

Causes of global warming Rapid CO2 increases. Burning of fossil fuels. Methane from rice paddies & mining operations. Nitrous oxide from fertilizers & other chemicals. Deforestation. Increasing population.

Continue…… : 

Continue…… Human Behavior 26.4% Natural climate cycles 25.6% Both human & natural causes 25.2% I don’t believe it’s happening 18.4% Unsure 4.3%

Effects of global warming : 

Effects of global warming Reduced rainfall in rainforests due to deforestation. Wildlife at risk. Increase in hurricanes. Raise temperature. Raise sea levels. Polar ice caps melting. Increased probability & intensity of droughts & heat waves. Life at the pole threatened.

What can we do to stop this. : 

What can we do to stop this. 1. Raise awareness.

2. Use Public Transportation. : 

2. Use Public Transportation.

3. One people, one tree. : 

3. One people, one tree.

4. Reduce , reuse, recycle; : 

4. Reduce , reuse, recycle;

5. Renewable energy sources. : 

5. Renewable energy sources.

6. Think before you drive. : 

6. Think before you drive.

7. Change your light bulb. : 

7. Change your light bulb.

conclusion : 

conclusion Most warming is the result of human activities. Making small changes in our habits can make a huge difference in our future.

Thank you for listening. : 

Thank you for listening.

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