Gifted Students with Learning Disabilities

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Gifted Students with Learning Disabilities:

Gifted Students with Learning Disabilities Keri Anguiano

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Students who are twice exceptional experience a balancing act to find acceptable opportunities that nurture their abilities and accommodate their impediments at the same time. This population is summarized as being misjudged, misunderstood, and neglected. They can not comprehend why they are good at some things and struggle with others

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Identifying Gifted students with learning disabilities is a difficult task Many times the abilities of Gifted students are masked by their inabilities The opposite may also be true, that ones disabilities may be masked by their Giftedness These issues then result in under-identification and this may some times lead to exclusion from both Gifted programs and Special Education resources that may be able to assist them

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Social and Emotional aspects of life will more than likely be affected for Gifted students with disabilities These students may experience a strong personal need of excellence or perfectionism Tendency toward intense frustration with difficult tasks, low self-esteem, disruptive or withdrawn behavior, a general lack of motivation, and have an un-realistic sense of self

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Most attempts at differentiation for this group has failed Gifted and Learning Disabled students felt more pressure and greater feelings of disparity after differentiation was attempted than before

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Gifted students with Learning Disabilities need unique educational programs and services for both academic and social development It is recommended that educators: -Nurture self control and empowerment -Increase the desire to succeed -Establish goals with students -Focus on the positive students possess -Need to move from looking at the remediation of weaknesses to the development of gifts and talents

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When schools begin to implement well designed programs for individuals who are twice exceptional, students begin, to behave socially, emotionally, and academically more like Gifted students without disabilities than like non-Gifted students with disabilities. A program that is individually tailored with enrichment activities that leads towards personal creative productivity has been shown to enhance self-esteem and reduce frustration among the Gifted with Learning Disabilities.

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Optimistic attitudes as well as mentorships have shown to be extremely effective with these students Inclusion of group and individual counseling can help to address the unique needs and issues of these students Teaching coping techniques that help with heightened sensitivities and releasing emotions

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