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Nanomedicine: New Hope for Life

Medicine : 

Medicine The Science or practice of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. Limitations: Non specificity Side effects

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Nanomedicine Nanomedicine can be defined as the monitoring, repairing, construction and control of human biological systems at the cellular level by using materials and structures engineered at the atomic or molecular level

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Important Characteristics of Nanoparticles : Target specificity Extreme small size Encapsulation efficiency Carry high concentrated drug Zeta potential (surface charge) Efficient drug release

Nanoparticles : 

Nanoparticles Metal Nanoparticles: Gold Particle Quantum Dots Polymeric Nanoparticles Dendrimer Nanopores Nanotubes Liposomes

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Nanoparticles in Cancer therapy : 

Nanoparticles in Cancer therapy

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Liposomal Drug Delivery in Breast Cancer Diffusion Endocytosis

Multicomponent Targeting Strategies : 

Multicomponent Targeting Strategies

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Drug Transport and Release Pathway

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Liposomal Drug Delivery causes Cancer Cell Death

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Quantum Dots Inorganic semiconductor nanocrystals Diameter between 2-8 nm High resolution contrast agent for Medical Imaging Reduced tendency to Photobleach Generally composed of atoms from groups II and VI elements (e.g. CdSe and CdTe) or groups III and V elements (e.g. InP and InAs) of the periodic table.

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Quantum Dot

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Fluorescent Photostability of Quantum dot Compared with Organic Dye Alexa

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Multifunctional QDs targeting Tumor Cells. QDs are conjugated to various affinity ligands (peptide, antibody, inhibitor, drug etc.) specific for the Tumor Cell Biomarkers.

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Various strategies for conjugating antibodies/proteins to QDs.

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Nanorobot A Future Vision

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Gold Nanoparticle

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