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Andrew Charlton served as a Senior Economic Advisor to the Australian Prime Minister during the years of the global economic crisis. Andrew Charlton is the author of Ozonomics and of Dragon’s Tail: The Lucky Country After the China Boom.


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Andrew Charlton Andrew Charlton Author of Ozonomics Author of Ozonomics

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Andrew Charlton attended the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference as a representative of the Australian government and was struck by the clear divisions among the countless attendees. Those from developed countries he said later were expecting an agreement that would address climate change which they viewed as a matter of utmost urgency. Yet those from developing countries which by far make up the greatest percentage of the world’s population emphasized the need to address poverty.

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Setting aside these differences there is no doubt that climate change is taking place. The Earth’s average temperature has risen by more than 1.5 degrees in the last one hundred years and is projected to rise by as much as another 8.6 degrees over the next one hundred years. Scientists say that even the smallest changes in average temperatures can have far-reaching effects on the planet with potentially dangerous shifts in climate and weather patterns.

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Rising average temperatures are already being blamed for some weather changes such as increased rainfall with flooding and more intense rain and on the flipside of that droughts and more severe heat waves. The impact on the world’s oceans is also apparent: they are becoming warmer and more acidic ice caps are melting and sea levels are rising.

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Human activity is believed to be largely responsible for these changes in particular industrialized countries where factories have released large amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Andrew Charlton says that nine out of ten of the fastest growing greenhouse gas-emitting countries are from the developing world and that the solution lies in making energy less expensive and more available. “We need to be innovative and reconcile the two problems. That is a solution that developing countries will get behind.”

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