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Our fumigation supervisors are highly-trained and certified through the relevant regulatory bodies for the safe practice of fumigation. We provide structural and commodity fumigation services which are effective to disrupt pest problem from your property in the Cayman Islands. For more details visit: https://www.pestkil.com/services/fumigation-service-in-cayman-islands


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About Us Pestkil opened its doors in 1982 and has been serving the Cayman Islands for over 35 years. With over 35 years experience in the Cayman Islands, our company has protected all types of properties- commercial and residential from pests. We offer flexible service contracts and have knowledgeable pest control technicians to deliver the perfect results. Welcome to Pestkil

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Fumigation Services in Cayman Islands We provide structural as well as commodity fumigation services . Our fumigation supervisors are highly trained and are fully certified through the relevant regulatory bodies in North America, for the safe practice of fumigation.

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Lawn And Garden Pest Control Services Aphids Treatment in Cayman Islands Aphids, also known as plant lice and in Britain and the Commonwealth as greenflies, blackflies, or whiteflies, are small sap-sucking insects and members of the superfamily Aphidoidea. Many species are green but other commonly occurring species may be white and wooly, brown, or black. White Grub Treatment in Cayman Islands They feed on grass roots (and organic matter in the soil), causing sections of grass in the lawn to die. Grubs eventually turn into adult beetles and emerge from soil to mate and lay eggs, which hatch into more grubs.

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Contact Us Location 311 Walkers Rd. George Town Grand Cayman Cayman Islands KY1-1106 Mailing Address Box 2318 Grand Cayman Cayman Islands KY1-1106 Phone (345) 949-9145 (345) 640-9145 Email sales@pestkil.com

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