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Global Warming : 

Global Warming By: Andrew Deems

Key Terms : 

Key Terms Global Warming- The rise of the average temperature in the atmosphere and oceans since the 19th century. Climate Change- The change in average temperature over an extended period of time (Decades). Greenhouse Effect- process by which thermal radiation from the sun is captured in the atmosphere at increasing rates, causing global warming. Greenhouse Gases- The gases that trap the sun’s heat in the atmosphere, including CO2 and many other compounds. Weather- Describes that state of the atmosphere. It occurs in the Troposphere and includes rain, Snow, etc. Climate- The average weather of a region for an extended period of time.

Global Warming vs. Climate Change : 

Global Warming vs. Climate Change Global Warming is specifically the increasing of average temperature from the late 19th century when it was discussed it could pose an issue to now. Climate change is NOT the same thing as global warming since it could be either heating, cooling, or any other increase/decrease of climate factors. (ex. Precipitation)

Historical Perspective : 

Historical Perspective 1890- Scientists targeted carbon dioxide as a warming gas and said burning fossil fuels like coal may lead to global warming. It lead to much more extensive research through the 20th century. 1927- Scientist Milankovic stated that changes in the Earth’s orbit causes climate change. 1956- Found that human activity raises temperature 1.1C every century. 1983- EPA detailed threats of Human emissions in the atmosphere including melting of ice caps, etc. 1992- At the Climate change convention in Rio de Janeiro 154 nations signed an agreement for voluntary emission reduction. 1997- Kyoto Protocol set emission cuts for industrialized nations, but it was never ratified in the United States. 2003- It became the hottest year on record and it was largely blamed on greenhouse gases. 2005- James Inhofe calls global warming the largest hoax in the history of man, while that same year researchers linked natural disasters to global warming.

Global Warming is Man Made : 

Global Warming is Man Made 1st) With the burning of fossil fuels humans are changing the composition of the atmosphere and consequentially are changing climate. 2nd) Over the past 1000 years Carbon Dioxide concentrations and the average temperature in the northern hemisphere rise and fall at the same time, thus saying how much carbon dioxide there is in the atmosphere determines the temperature increases. 3rd) Of the 10 hottest years on earth being recorded 8 of those are from the past 10 years. 4th) Out of over 900 peer reviewed writings all of them agree that warming is man made and a problem. 5th) Businesses pay scientists to say that global warming is just natural to keep that company from having to cut emissions.

Global Warming is Natural : 

Global Warming is Natural 1st) Small changes in the earth’s orbit causes changes in the climate of the planet, which this is proven to have an effect on the climate. 2nd) The earth’s climate is forever changing with cool and warm periods. 3rd) This rise in temperatures is just an effect of coming out of the last ice age. 4th) Scientist’s funding is based on the findings of information on global warming and will sometimes change their findings to receive more money. 5th) The climate fluctuated long before humans existed.

Possible Impacts of Climate Change : 

Possible Impacts of Climate Change With the rapid melting of glaciers millions of people will have to be relocated with all the coasts flooded much higher than before. The maps would even have to be redrawn since all the countries would look different. Many animals will have to migrate since their niches won’t be located in the same area. 40% of people get their drinking water from melting water from glaciers. With the glaciers gone 3 billion people will be out of a reliable source of water.

Solutions : 

Solutions One of the biggest things we can do to lower carbon dioxide emissions is to carpool with other people. All of us either own or ride in cars to school or other places. There are millions of drivers in the U.S alone and everyone carpooling with another person would cut emissions from cars in half. Use green electricity and energy star appliances in your home. Use more efficient lights and turn the lights off when they aren’t used. Walk, ride your bike, or take public transportation to and from places. Ex. School bus/City bus

My Thoughts : 

My Thoughts I think that while climate change in itself is a natural process that has been happening throughout time, human activities are without a doubt hurting our planet and is messing up the process and causing this unusual heating. The levels of CO2 match almost perfectly with the average temperatures during that time and with the levels of CO2 skyrocketing we are setting ourselves up for more disasters and the extinction of humans in the future.

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