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Andrew Charlton dispels the myth of the Australia economic superhero in Ozonomics.Find more about Andrew Charlton on


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Andrew Charlton :

Andrew Charlton Of Service to His Country, and to the Field of Economics

Andrew Charlton : Senior Economic Advisors :

As a former senior economic advisor within the former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s cabinet, Andrew Charlton enjoyed the opportunity to share his economics education, experience and expertise with many throughout both his own country’s government, and with others representing countries from around the world. An Australian representative during both the G20 Leaders Forum and during the Copenhagen Climate Conference, Charlton is honored to have had the chance to serve the public of Australia for several years of time. Andrew Charlton : Senior Economic Advisors


Andrew Charlton continues to be of service to both the Australian people, and to many throughout the field of economics, through his writings, most notably his books Fair Trade for All and Ozonomics . In Far Trade for All, which he composed with co-author Joseph Stiglitz , Charlton attempts to emphasis the importance of fair trade in more effective economic development. Each author attempts to provide the reader a radical economic model that places special focus on the idea and need for fair trade policies in aiding underdeveloped countries through a faster development process. Andrew Charlton

Roles and Responsibilities:

Ozonomics , which Andrew Charlton wrote on his own, explores the relationships between, as well as the impact of, such ideas as technology, fair trade, education, labor practices and more with the ideas of more effective environmental sustainability and economic development. His ultimate goal with Ozonomics , perhaps, is to show an inextricable link between poverty and environmental sustainability. Roles and Responsibilities

Andrew Charlton : Quarterly Essays :

Charlton has also produced two Quarterly Essays that have covered important economic relationships and issues. These publications are titled Dragon’s Tail: The Lucky Country After the China Boom, and Man Made World, respectively. Find more about Andrew Charlton on http :// Andrew Charlton : Quarterly Essays

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