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Andrew Charlton and Joseph Stiglitz combined forces in 2007 to co-write Fair Trade for All: How Trade Can Promote Development. Both Charlton and the Nobel Prize winning Stiglitz use Fair Trade for All to discuss how globalization can be a force for good when it comes to the development and prosperity of Third World nations. The book has received positive online reviews.


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Andrew Charlton :

Andrew Charlton A Look At Fair Trade for All

Andrew Charlton : Australia’s Economist:

Andrew Charlton : Australia’s Economist Andrew Charlton collaborated with noted Nobel Prize Winner and bestselling author Joseph Stiglitz in 2007 to create Fair Trade for All : How Trade Can Promote Development; a book that takes a sharp look at the relationship between fair trade policies and how their implementation can actually be of enormous benefit to Third World countries during the development stage. This book, which some say offers both a “ challenging and controversial argument” for the benefits of globalization in the development of Third World countries, examines the importance of fair trade policies when it comes to opening up economic possibilities for poorer nations throughout the globe.

Andrew Charlton : Connecting Development to Fair Trade :

Andrew Charlton : Connecting Development to Fair Trade In Fair Trade for All, both Andrew Charlton and Joseph Stiglitz seek to offer both a realistic and radical model for better managing the trade relationships between the richer and poorer countries on the planet. Their approach is created to open up markets in a way that is best for the interests of all countries, regardless of economic power or prowess, ensuring that trade is working for and promoting better development in poorer nations while simultaneously minimizing the costs of any adjustments needed to make this possible.


Andrew Charlton and Joseph Stiglitz are praised by some for the clearly written and insightful analyses they make throughout the book, and for the development of a radical, but perhaps highly effective, solution to the problems that currently afflict world trade. One reviewer praises the book as “ a must read for anyone interested in globalization and development in the Third World .”

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