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names of roman rooms


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Roman Villa:

Roman Villa by Andrea Sequeyro

Atrium :

Atrium the atrium is the formal entrance hall. it had a copluvium, the top part that lets water and light into the room. it also had a impluvium, the basin.

Cubiculum :

Cubiculum a cubiculum was a small bedroom. All they did was sleep it the cubliculum because all that was in there was a bed.

Culina :

Culina The Culina was the kitchen, they made food and eat it in the triclinium.

Latrina :

Latrina the bathrooms were very hygienic, at the bottom was a stream of water to wash away everything.

Triclinium :

Triclinium this would be the dining room, they would all lay on a couch and eat. They would each have little table like things were they would put there food on.


Peristyliam/Hortus Peristyliam means colonnaded garden and hortus means garden. Romans loved gardens that they would put them inside their houses

Taberna :

Taberna The taberna is a small shop that you might have in your house

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