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Andersons PDF on Oncology “Man Proposes but God Disposes” a popular saying written by Thomas a Kempis is probably suitable for Cancer. Cancer is always considered to be “Life Threatening” Disease. Oncology is the medical term used for studies in cancer or the “Onco Cell.” One of the reasons for cancer becoming an untreatable disease is the late Detection of the malignancy. Statistics say that around 40 of every woman Man will be diagnosed with the deadly disease at least once in their lifetime. Cancer may occur in almost all body parts. Breast Cancer Cervical Cancer are common in woman Lung stomach head neck are common in men. “Health is wealth” should be the motto of every person. Therefore it becomes our foremost duty to be preventive in all ways. Early precise diagnosis can save every cancer patients life. There are various laboratories to detect cancer but only few centers can give exact results. Technology has paved the way for accuracy. Laboratories need to update them regularly to provide this accuracy. Digital Mammogram: Breast Cancer is prevalent among woman. However the same is prevalent in men as well. Mammography is the test taken to identify breast cancer. It helps in early detection treatment. In digital Mammography Safe Precise images of the breast are taken from different directions. The Images are enlarged for better clarity. Even tiny lumps as small as 5mm in size can be detected in Digital Mammogram. This requires less X-ray Dosage. The mammogram is a technique that helps in evaluation of ‘Normal Individual’ to see if there is any underlying cancer. The chances of falling prey to breast cancer increases with age the risk is quite high for inherited mutations in the genes. Ideal screening guideline for a no risk or average risk woman is once in three years. Otherwise it is once in every two years. A mammogram is credited for early detections as it can show changes in the breast up to two years before a symptom can be felt by the patient or physician. Entire Mammogram takes roughly about 20 minutes. Therefore the mammogram is the ideal method to find Breast Cancer. Digital Mammogram test in Chennai are available in few places. Detect Early and Save Early. PET CT Scan: PET CT Scans are nuclear imaging technique to give detailed molecular level of analysis by imaging the tissues and organs in the body. It helps in accurate detection of any abnormal metabolic activity.PT CET Scans can help in identifying the presence of cancer cells and even the exact stage of cancer. This detailed analysis will assist the doctor is treating the malignancy in a faster Better manner. PET CT Scans are the best in detecting central nervous system disorders seizures memory disorders tumors in the brain. Even Metabolic Evaluation to check the abnormalcy in vital functions of the body is easy Accurate with the help of PET CT Scan. PET Detects the early onset of disease before it is evident on other imaging techniques. PET CT Scans can evaluate how far cancer has spread in the body precisely. This helps the doctor to explain the patients the care that is required to treat them. They can be taken once in few years or as suggested by doctors to avoid the fatal disease from causing mishaps.

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