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Interview : 


Major Attributes : 

Major Attributes Curriculum Vitae Dressing Greeting Personality Body Language Confidence Time Management Questions

Curriculum Vitae : 

Curriculum Vitae Make sure that the CV describes everything about you, but always be aware that it is a short description.

Dressing : 

Dressing Dress appropriately Wear Comfortable Business attire Wear light color dress Choose a solid white or blue shirt Wear a tie in dark, conservative color Wear a belt or suspenders Show off your shoes

Greeting : 

Greeting Offer a firm handshake Wait till the interviewer offers the seat Maintain a good Eye Contact Have a friendly expression on the face when greeted by the interviewer Be YOURSELF

Personality : 

Personality Be well groomed Clean hair and finger nails are essential Abstain from smoking or chewing gum Don’t wear cologne or strong scents Try to be simple but stylish

Body Language : 

Body Language Sit properly Be aware of your hands Don’t cross your arms Place both feet on the floor Maintain direct eye contact Be confident of mouth movements Position of your head

Confidence : 

Confidence Be confident That makes the interviewer feel that what you are saying is correct though it is not

Time Management : 

Time Management Be conscious about time But don’t keep on looking at the watch Make sure that everything goes on in time

Questions : 

Questions Your points must be CLEAR, RELEVANT and ADEQUATE Listen carefully and answer fully and directly Do it in a friendly and Positive tone Provide examples Be polite and patient

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