Rural Development Policies- India


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Rural Development Policies:

Rural Development Policies

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Policy A set of intended actions Programme More specific and narrower in scope than a policy Project Highly specific and detailed in terms of its objectives, location, duration, funds and executing agency, and lends to planning, financing and implementation as a unit

Need for Rural Development Policy…:

Need for Rural Development Policy… Nation’s commitment to setup a ‘Socialist Pattern Society’ Violent fluctuations in Agricultural production, prices and income Small, Scattered and Unorganized Rural enterprises


Continued… Rural poverty and Income inequality Inadequate and poor basic infrastructure in Rural areas Predominant place of Agriculture in India’s Economy

Goals of RDP….:

Goals of RDP…. Priority to agriculture and rural development, with a view to generate adequate productive employment and eradication of poverty. Accelerating the growth rate of the economy with stable prices. Ensuring food and nutritional security for all, particularly the vulnerable sections of society.


Continued… Providing basic minimum services and connectivity to all in a time-bound manner. Controlling the growth rate of population. Ensuring Environmental sustainability of the development process through social mobilization and participation of people at all levels.


Continued… Strengthening efforts to build self-reliance. Empowerment of women and socially disadvantaged groups such as scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and other backward classes and minorities as agents of socio-economic change and development. Promoting and developing people’s participatory institutions like panchayati raj institutions, cooperatives and self-help groups.

Four important dimensions …:

Four important dimensions … The quality of life of the citizens The generation of productive employment Regional balance Self-reliance

Rural development policies in India:

Rural development policies in India National Forest Policy Land Reforms Policy National Water Policy Agricultural Price Policy Rural Credit Policy Policy for Fishery Development National Agriculture Policy National Policy on Cooperatives National Policy for Farmers

Globalization and Rural Development….:

Globalization and Rural Development…. Removal of Quantitative restrictions on international trade Liberalization of International trade in agricultural commodities Importers would have an advantage over domestic producers if…

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