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Patent Trolls Amy Corsa, 12/13/11, Gilead Sciences; Negotiating in Business: MGT 348; Tom Cushing

Fremont Troll, Seattle, WA:

Fremont Troll, Seattle, WA “Trolls lurk underneath structures they didn’t build, get in the way, and make unreasonable demands ” Hartford, Taming the patent troll, FT Magazine, 2011

Outline :

Outline What are patent trolls? History Litigation negotiations The Players Examples

What are Patent Trolls?:

What are Patent Trolls? Patent “Trolls” or “Sharks” AKA “Non-practicing entities” Businesses that buy patents, intellectual property, with no intention of using them Encourage other companies to buy a license to use the patents they own Threaten expensive litigation for infringement

What is a patent? :

What is a patent? A form of Intellectual Property Application to protect an invention Issued by a Sovereign State Owned by a person or a corporation Expires in 20 years Enforced by civil lawsuits

History of Patents:

History of Patents 1790 Patent Act 1952 Last major patent reform Worldwide first to invent basis Include definition of infringement 2011 “America Invents” Act

US Patent Activity: 1790 – 2000:

US Patent Activity: 1790 – 2000

Elements that enable Trolls:

Elements that enable Trolls Absurd patents Cost of the legal process Business model of buying patents as assets

Father Troll:

Father Troll Nathan Myhrvold, Intellectual Ventures Grant licenses to companies to use their patents or face litigation “Greasing the wheels of innovation” Innovation vs. Protection Market of ideas

Litigation negotiations:

Litigation negotiations Inventors undertake exhaustive analysis of relevant technology Ugly harassment; Tortuous Unpredictable jury Cost of defense vs. outcome certain Returns handsome; fairly predicable

Cost of Litigation:

Cost of Litigation 95% Settled out of court Costs $10'000 to $30'000 to obtain a patent Costs millions of dollars per case in court 1,600 cases tried per 153,000 patents annually Increasing annually Disproportionate number involve NPE’s

Biotech Firms Targeted:

Biotech Firms Targeted Classen Immunotherapies Broad vaccine patent claim Failed in US federal Court Upheld in appeals court Sets “a troubling precedent”

Lodsys vs. iOS :

Lodsys vs. iOS Lodsys is a patent troll Shell company for an inventor Asking for small royalties from developers like iOS iOS Infringing on a “user interaction” patent Coded by Apple….deep pockets! Negotiations ongoing; no litigation….yet… Wins!: Wins! Gooseberry Natural Resources lawsuit Infringement on patent covering methods of inputting news releases into a web Doesn’t distribute releases, it “aggregates news” Settlement for $0 seen as a “win” for 8 months of negotiations Living a “nightmare”


RPX IPO Patent troll that protects tech companies Google Cisco Charges an annual fee for troll protection No lawsuits!

Negotiation Lessons:

Negotiation Lessons Fully analyze competitors Think broadly and strategically Include all parties and competitors Assess your BATNA Think in terms of long term value Be thorough Take time to re-assess the game

Summary :

Summary Patent history and current legislation Patent Trolls and their actions Current examples Negotiation lessons


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