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Graphic Designers make visual ideas stand out by hand or utilizing PC programming, to convey thoughts that motivate, educate, or enthrall customers. They build up the general format and generation structure for promotions, pamphlets, magazines, and corporate reports.


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Advance Web Design Techniques:

Advance Web Design Techniques

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Purpose of Web Design Inform/Educate Persuade Influences on Web Design Technology Used by Both Target Audience and Designer Nature of the Content Economy (Budget, Time, and Scale of the Project) Amount and Type of Visuals Included Meeting Usability Objectives Fundamentals of Web Design

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Web Hosting Services Web server software Firewall hardware and software IT services (Backup, troubleshooting, hardware repair) Disk space Bandwidth / connection to internet Routers and switchers Email server / storage

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Creating your Web Site Markup Languages HTML, DHTML, XML, XSLT, etc.... Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Scripting languages perl,javascript,php , etc.... Web creation and editing software Notepad, FrontPage, Coldfusion , Flash, Hotmetal , Site Builder, etc..

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