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prepositions of place


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Could you tell me, how to get there.:

Could you tell me, how to get there . ASD


Adjectives They can go before a noun Ex: It is a great lunch Or , they can go after a noun , but with the verb to be Ex: This school is great

Some Adjectives:

Some Adjectives Fine, great , terrific , fantastic (+) Sick , awful , terrible, miserable (-)


Imperatives Is a sentence which starts with a verb Ex: Take an aspirin Don’t worry too much Don’t eat any candy

Asking for and Giving Directions :

Asking for and Giving Directions Where is the left ? Where is the right ? Who is to your left side ? Right side Who is behind you ? Who is in front you ?

Prepositions of place :

Prepositions of place Near Far Right Left Block Straight Behind in front of next to Beside Between Opposite Across from

Giving directions:

Giving directions

Asking for information…:

Asking for information … Can you help me? Yes, sir / mam Where is the bank ? Oh, go straight two blocks Thanks How do I get to …? What's the best way to …? Where is …?

Explanatios : How to get there….:

Explanatios : How to get there …. Go straight on (until you come to …). Turn back./Go back. Turn left/right (into …-street). Go along … Cross … Take the first/second road on the left/right It's on the left/right. straight on


Prepositions opposite near next to between at the end (of) on/at the corner behind in front of (just) around the … corner /traffic lights crossroads, junction signpost

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