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Childcare Western Sydney is the pioneer name in providing the best childcare services. At our centre, your child gets the full-fledged opportunity to express itself. We provide the state of the art facility in all fields that relate to the developmental aspect of the child. A sound mind with a fit physique is of utmost important to lead a healthy living.


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c l o v e l c h i l d c a r e . c o m . a u C H I L D C A R E W E S T E R N S Y D N E Y

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c h i l d c a r e w e s t e r n S y d n e y Bringing up child is a task that draws patience as well as trick. Children are always obstinate and dealing with them in the same way might turn them into more aggressive. Therefore it is the duty of the parents to tactfully deal with them without annoying them. Sometimes it becomes a necessity to make them understand the impacts their activities might cause. Some of the stubborn children love to question every action because of their curiousness to know what and why the things happen. The mentor at childcare western Sydney says that in such cases the parents need to remain calm and answer every question correctly because it is a method of knowledge building.

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The mentor suggests that the parents need not to compare their ward with that of others. Every child has different potential and is competent in his/her field of interest. Even the grasping power of all children is not the same. Some of them learn by observing. They have the best observation skill. Some of them need to make the things clear. The childcare agencies hence make things simple by giving the children the play way methods to learn.

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A c c e s s i n g C h i l d ’ s L e a r n a b i l i t y Well This task needs to be done on a regular basis. The carers at the day schools and childcare centres say that there are few questions that need to be asked to self occasionally. These questions will enable to access if the child has grown or is learning correctly or not- • Improvement if any is seen in the child in the due course of time • Child’s enthusiasm in executing what he/she has learnt • Eagerness to learn new things and if it is competing well in the academic session • Question yourself about your involvement and encouragement given to child to learn

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If the answers you get from the above questions and from such related questions that means as a parents your contribution is excellent. Children are always under the process of continuous education. As soon as it starts to understand things the learning process starts. The learning preschools and day-care centres ensure that a child’s learning process is smooth. Each step it takes must be informative. “Instead of comparing children comparing their knowledge with self is the best way to bring around an overall improvement in the child” says the owner of Childcare Western Sydney.

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Thank you. A D D R E S S : 3 2 K E N T S T B L A C K T O W N N S W 2 1 4 8 P H O N E : 0 2 9 1 9 9 0 2 9 4 E M A I L : L Y N C L O V E L C H I L D C A R E . C O M . A U U R L : H T T P : / / W W W . C L O V E L C H I L D C A R E . C O M . A U

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