advanced technologies changing the legal industry

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Advanced Technologies Changing the Legal Industry::

Advanced Technologies Changing the Legal Industry: The Android Market

Pros of the Android market:

Pros of the Android market Android phones and tablets can allow lawyers and paralegals to complete their work at anytime, anywhere. They can allow lawyers to stay organized. Lawyers and paralegals can also perform mobile research.

Cons of the Android Market :

Cons of the Android Market Security issues. Keeping client confidentiality Learning curve for new users Lawyers and paralegals that are not tech savvy. Forces closes on apps.

Security Software for the Android Market:

Security Software for the Android Market Although security used to be a main concern with android devices, new software has become available. First, there's the add-on software: third-party packages that, working on top of the device's own operating system, provide the required security features. Good for Enterprise, from Good Technology, quickly became popular. It provides user access to encrypted e-mail, calendar, and contact data, and adds some essential BlackBerry-like features, such as remote wipe and enforced password capabilities.

Security Software Cont’d.:

Security Software Cont’d. Law firms can also write their own security certificates which is a digital code that is loaded on the device when it is connected to the server. Lastly, the device manufacturers themselves are pitching in, building more security features into their systems

Useful Apps for Law firms:

Useful Apps for Law firms There are many apps on the Android market that can provide helpful and worry-free functions. For example, Documents to go is an app that enables people to use Microsoft Office on their phone. Lawyers or paralegals can obtain a document at anytime with this app. Gmail is another beneficial app that allows you to instantly receive emails while on the go. Wyse Pocketcloud is an app that enables you to access your home or office computer from your phone or tablet. There is also a calendar app that can help lawyers or paralegals stay organized and aware of upcoming meetings, appointments, etc.

Droid Pro:

Droid Pro The first Android-based smartphone optimized for business use, Droid Pro is also a global-ready Android smartphone Droid Pro meets employers’ and employees’ needs by addressing the productivity tools businesses require, including corporate connectivity and security; full push corporate e-mail with corporate level security; unified calendar with additional work features and a pre-loaded Quickoffice Mobile Suite.



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