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Overweight and Obesity: Steps Towards Health

Overweight and Obesity: 

Overweight and Obesity Overweight Knee Pain High Blood Pressure Pre-Diabetes


The Epidemic

Overweight and Obesity Defined: 

Overweight and Obesity Defined Overweight BMI = 25 -29 Obese BMI = 30 +

Facts about obesity: 

Over 60% of U.S. adults are overweight or obese The average American gains 1.5-2 pounds/year from 20-40 years old Increased weight (BMI level) is directly linked with health risks Facts about obesity

What are the causes of obesity?: 

What are the causes of obesity? Genes and Culture Personal Health Choices Increased Calories Eaten Decreased Physical Activity Community and Environment Easy Access to High Calorie Foods Decreased Access to Physical Activity

Key to Having a Healthy Weight: 

Know Yourself Take Action Make it Easier to be Healthy Key to Having a Healthy Weight

Know Yourself: 

Know Yourself What are the situations where I tend to eat or drink more than I should? What gets in the way with being active or exercising? How do I keep track of my eating, activity and weight? How do I handle stress?

Take Action: 

Take Action Set reasonable goals (10% weight loss over 6 months) If you can’t lose weight, try not to gain weight Little things make a difference! Eat breakfast every day Eat smaller portions Take the stairs

Take Action: 

Physical Activity Increase gradually Goal: 30- 60 minutes or more of daily moderate to vigorous activity Healthy Eating Fruits - 2 cups per day Vegetables - 2 1/2 cups per day Whole-Grain - 3 or more 1 ounce servings per day Low-Fat Dairy - 3 cups per day Take Action

Make it Easier to Be Healthy: 

Buy low fat, fresh foods Find activities which are fun and convenient Advocate that schools and work sites offer healthy foods Make it Easier to Be Healthy

Kaiser Permanente’s Approach to Obesity: 

Kaiser Permanente’s Approach to Obesity BMI screening and counseling Information and personalized online programs on Physician Home Pages ( Pedometers, weight management classes, Weight Watcher discounts Community health improvement activities

Live Long and Thrive: 

Live Long and Thrive

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