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Recognised by Govt. Of India# 321, TSP Road, Opp. Bangalore Medical College, Kalasipalayam, Bangalore – 560 002Ph :080 26708511, 26704272, 26701804, 26701806, 26701807, 26702719Fax : 080 26703308; E-Mail : ; URL : Branches :Mysore – Ph. 0821 – 441913, 2441939; Chennai – Ph. : 044-26650506, Mob : 09840074842; Hosur – Ph : 04344-246421, 246427 Mob : 09442088296; Hyderabad – Ph. 040-23321070, Mob : 09866679669; Pune – Mob : 09325397919: 

Recognised by Govt. Of India # 321, TSP Road, Opp. Bangalore Medical College, Kalasipalayam, Bangalore – 560 002 Ph :080 26708511, 26704272, 26701804, 26701806, 26701807, 26702719 Fax : 080 26703308; E-Mail : ; URL : Branches : Mysore – Ph. 0821 – 441913, 2441939; Chennai – Ph. : 044-26650506, Mob : 09840074842; Hosur – Ph : 04344-246421, 246427 Mob : 09442088296; Hyderabad – Ph. 040-23321070, Mob : 09866679669; Pune – Mob : 09325397919

Our Background: 

Our Background Established in the year 1971 Providing services to 100 client companies including other recognised organisations. Over 5000 vehicles in operation Covering 8.00 Lac kms per day Daily commuters – 35,000 24 / 7 operations Turnover for 2005-06 – Rs. 120 Cr Expected annual growth – 30 % Staff strength – 350 Sr. Mgrs / Mgrs – 10 Our bankers – State Bank of Mysore Our Auditors – M/s Karnavat and Co. Bangalore


Infrastructure Our Branches – Bangalore, Mysore, Hosur, Chennai, Hyderabad andamp; Pune Total office space – 17,000 Sq Ft Garage Workshop – 85,000 Sq Ft Petrol Diesel Filling Station – BPCL Franchisee, 1 location, Bangalore

Organization Chart: 

Organization Chart

Mandatory Documents @ Vehicle: 

Mandatory Documents @ Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC) Book Fitness Certificate Insurance Certificate Emission Certificate andamp; due for validation Driver’s Driving License with Badge Tax paid card Identity Card issued by Transport Facilitator SRS – GS Contact details (Mobile)

Validation Cross Matrix: 

Validation Cross Matrix Registration Certificate (RC) Book – Due date for Renewal Fitness Certificate – Due date for Renewal Insurance Certificate - Due date for Renewal Emission Certificate - Due date for Renewal Tax paid card – Due date for Renewal Identity card issued by Transport Facilitator

Vehicle Inspection Check list to avoid possible influence of deficiencies on the safety of commuter. : 

Vehicle Inspection Check list to avoid possible influence of deficiencies on the safety of commuter. Vehicle Inspection Check list to avoid possible influence of deficiencies on the safety of the commuter. No leaks underneath the vehicle Windshields, window and mirrors are clean and undamaged All tyres are properly inflated Spare tyre/wheel is available and properly inflated Engine portion. Oil level as per specification. Horn is functional. Lights and emergency flashers are working properly Seat belts are in condition. First Aid kit is fully stocked and ready to use Battery and its connections are in order. Windshield wipers or functional Inspect for fluid leaks Clean out radiator and condenser fins Check condition of coolant hoses Check under hood fluid level Check belts and hoses Check tyre pressure and tyre condition Check drain water separator Ensure regular replacement of worn out axles. Replenish transmission fluids periodically Check for wear out of Timing Chain and Timing Belt Check date of Lubrication, Oil change, Greasing and Fitness Certification exhibited in the vehicle.

Driver’s Qualification : 

Driver’s Qualification Driver’s qualification for the Fleet Safety programme is provided and monitored through the completion of forms which shall indicate that each driver has met certain criteria. The driver shall have minimum 3 years experience in driving the respective types of vehicles. Shall have valid Driving Licence. Shall not have been involved in accidents causing lethal injuries to the passengers as well as to the public and got convicted. Shall be in sound health. Revoke SRS Travels driving privileges if necessary because of adverse accidents or violation experience, falsification of records, repeated failure to abide by regulations, or other reasons based upon the judgment of the committee. Dress Code (Neat andamp; clean) Must wear Shoes Must Shave andamp; Comb Hair properly

Dos and Don’ts of Drivers : 

Dos and Don’ts of Drivers Dos Always wear the seat belt (Cars, T.Ts andamp; Mini Buses) Be a defensive driver Keep your eyes on the road, your mind on driving, and your hands on wheel Obey speed limits, traffic signs and signals Yield the right of way Drive especially cautiously at night and in bad weather Use headlights and keep more distance from other vehicles at night Use lights, wipers and defrosters in rain and fog Check rear and side mirrors constantly for oncoming traffic Always overtake only on the rightside Dim the lights for oncoming traffic Maintain vehicle according to its manual Use good tyres and make sure they are inflated to the right pressure Watch out for potholes, especially during bad weather …2


Don’ts: Drive if you are drunk or using drugs Tailgate: Keep at least two vehicle lengths behind the vehicle in front - more in bad weather Stop on the road at night unless absolutely necessary; use the lights and flashers Brake in a skid; drive into it Move near a stationary school bus

Traffic Rules: 

Traffic Rules Follow Traffic regulations as follows: Don’t pass: When there is a solid yellow line on your side When you’re uncertain there is enough time or space When you can see around a curve or over a hill When behind multiple cars and passing one car doesn’t really make any difference In hazardous weather conditions When another vehicle is coming towards you in the opposite lane When there is a construction or road work When on narrow roads, on bridges, or in tunnels Pass with caution: Only pass if there’s a dotted line on your side Check that the passing lane is clear Make sure you have plenty of space to pass safely Signal before you pass Make sure you have cleared the passed car with enough space before pulling back into your lane

Tips for Night Driving: 

Tips for Night Driving Prepare your vehicle and yourself for night driving Never be under the influence of alcohol Clean headlights, tail lights, signal light and windows once a week, more often if necessary Focus your headlights properly; wrongly focused headlights blind other drivers and reduce your ability to see the road Reduce your speed (compared to that of day time) and increase following distances Make frequent stops for light snacks and exercise to ward off fatigue When you stop on way warn approaching traffic by setting up reflecting triangles and turning on the flashers.

Fleet safety Administrator : 

Fleet safety Administrator Qualify all participants in the Fleet Safety programme. Approve SRS Travels driving licenses. Communicate all new policies and guidelines to the fleet drivers and supervisors through periodical meetings and notifications. Investigate incidents of non-compliance with guidelines established by the Fleet Safety committee. Explore opportunities for improvements and expansion for the programme. Implement new policies as formulated by the Fleet Safety committee.

Training programme : 

Training programme All the drivers are trained in the following aspects thoroughly: Defensive driving New-hire driver skill training Driver skill retaining Mechanic skill training Safety training Passenger Relations training Drug and alcohol awareness Hazard recognition and safe operation in adverse conditions Relevant legislation and safety codes

Enhanced System: 

Enhanced System Drivers details (Name, Photo, Blood Group, Residential andamp; permanent Address, Driving license copy, Thumb impression, palm impression) Changes in vehicle andamp; drivers SRS ID card Transport Management Helpdesk with dedicated communication facilities. Helpdesk to work very closely with project team Sufficient rest to be given to drivers Drivers should not be given mobile phone numbers of employees Periodic review of security measures Make sure drivers are not drunk – use breath analyzer

Enhanced System: 

Enhanced System Recognize andamp; award performance incentives Training – Periodical refresher programmes involving external consultants Women employees should not be picked up first or dropped last Advance intimation from Transport Helpdesk regarding driver andamp; vehicle changes Keep vehicle windows transparent Update driver data base

Transport management helpdesk: 

Transport management helpdesk Transport supervisor round the clock Vehicle escorting security guard Confirmation about the staff reaching their residences


Safety Permanent drivers – with minimal changes Advance intimation on drivers changes / leave / emergency / vehicle breakdown / any undue reasons Route list shared with drivers and staff SRS ID cards for drivers No unauthorised stops during the travel

Daily Review: 

Daily Review Occupancy monitoring Vehicle safety Cleanliness Dress Code Transparent windows Consuming the alcohol Took kit andamp; medical kit Display of the route list in the cab Review of the updated route list regularly Monitoring the kms Employees attendance (traveled / absent) Feedback on daily basis Over Speed Driver introduction – transport user Induction programme for the new drivers


Contingency In case of an accident Rush a rescue team to the spot Simultaneously inform the police Administer First Aid to the injured Shift the injured to the recognised hospital if necessary Organize statutory formalities to be gone through


In case of vehicle breakdown Depute an alternative vehicle Rush a repair team to the spot for initial repairs Transport the vehicle to the garage for full repairs Help call Rush a rescue team to the spot Organise relief work as per the situation Contact the statutory authorities as required

Start of Operation: 

Start of Operation Call for correct location addresses of all the employees concerned. Draw a route chart Workout the number of passengers in each route Decide on the minimum traveling time say, 1.0 hr / 1.50 hr as the case may be. Carryout the route survey and fix the exact distance and time Decide on the type of vehicle / seating capacity. Finally carry out dry run Start actual operation as per the requirement of the clients


Communication Depending on the type of operation, Organise Mobile phones or install Walkie – Talkies connecting the help desk and HO


ENVIRONMENT, HEALTH AND SAFETY POLICY AND PROGRAMME Safety: SRS Travels, being in the forefront of the Travelling Industry in India, have explicit policies and programmes for safe passage of the commuters from the starting point to the end of their journey with the absolute aim of ZERO ACCIDENT condition for all the commuters at all times. Because the planned production of the industries being served do not suffer on account of absenteeism of their employees due to accidents. Environment: SRS Travels maintains the vehicles in sound operating condition, maintaining the emission level well below that stipulated in the statutory condition. The noise level of the exhaust (silencer) is kept very much below the permissible limit. Health: SRS Travels always ensures that its employees are hale and healthy through periodical health check up and remedial action so that the normal functioning of the establishment does not suffer.

Clients List: 

Clients List Infosys Technologies Ltd. (Bangalore) HSBC Electronic Data Processing (I) (P) Ltd. Widia (India) Ltd. America Online Member Services India Pvt. Ltd Strides Arcolab Ltd. SAP Labs (I) Pvt. Ltd. Flextronics India Ltd. First Ring (I) Pvt. Ltd. Wipro Infotech Molex India Ltd. SKF Bearing (India) Ltd. DELL Computers (I) Pvt. Ltd. BPL Ltd. Convergys India Services Pvt. Ltd. GE John F Welch Technology Centre BMTC Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd. IBM India Ltd Tyco (AMP) Electronics Corporation (I) Ltd. I T Accounts Lucent Hindustan Technologies Ltd. Accenture Services Private Limited Mother Dairy Microsoft India ( R andamp; D) Pvt . Ltd Araco Automotive India Pvt. Ltd Hewlett-Packard GlobalSoft Ltd APW President Systems Ltd. Fidelity Investment India Pvt Ltd. Yuken India Ltd. i GATE Global Solutions Ltd Festo Controls Ltd. Infopro Solutions Pvt Ltd Suretex Prophylactics (India) Ltd. CLI3L e-Services Limited – ITC Hindustan Jewels Pvt. Ltd. Progeon Limited Toyota Techno Park (I) Pvt. Ltd. Tata Consultancy Services Enclotek Ltd. Motorola India Electronics Pvt. Ltd., Tata Elxsi Ltd. Capgemini Consulting India Pvt. Ltd., Tata Infotech Ltd. Ivega Crorporation Pvt Ltd Eureka Forbes Ltd. Accenture Services Private Limited (Chennai) Honeywell (I) Software Operations Pvt. Ltd. Hutchison Essar South Limited Bharathi International Sasken Amphetronix Ltd.Cognizant Technologies India Pvt Ltd Toyota Kirloskar Motor Ltd. ING Vysya Life Insurance Company Pvt . Ltd., AP Industrial Components Ltd. Sobha Renaissance Vimsoft Pvt. Ltd. Ram Soft Genisys Integrating Systems India Ltd. TVS Motors Company Ltd (Hosur) Infosys Technologies Ltd. (Chennai) electronic research private limited Affiliated Computer Services of India (P) Ltd., Philips Electronics India Ltd Olmil Ltd. Cinch Connectors (I) Pvt. Ltd Monsanto Technologies Indian Institute of Astro Physics IBM India Ltd (Chennai) Axa Business Services Pvt. Ltd. Qwest Software Services

Thank you !: 

Thank you ! Your extended team for global competitiveness

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