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IT Procurement: 

IT Procurement J.B. Edmonds Larry Ray


Audience Executive Branch Agencies

Non-Exempt Institutions and Non Executive Agencies: 

Non-Exempt Institutions and Non Executive Agencies These agencies and institutions have delegated authority for in and out of scope goods and services up to $50,000 Requests for over $50,000 follow the same workflow as other agencies, however NG Tech Review ignores these request, unless the request is to acquire services specifically from NG Orders are actually placed by the agency or institution.


Scope IT commodities are classified as IN and OUT of Scope to VITA Out-of-Scope to VITA items are processed by agencies without VITA review up to a total cost of $50,000 (Agency Delegation Level) In-scope and all IT requests over $50,000 are coded with a category code of “VR1” “V” coded items flow through VITA for Technical Review, Pricing and Sourcing. Sourcing may either be NG or VITA

Northrop Grumman’s Role: 

Northrop Grumman’s Role Responsible for Infrastructure (Networks, Telecommunications, Servers, PC’s, etc) under contract with VITA Includes provisioning and maintenance Products are provided to agencies as services using a rate structure eVA is used a request mechanism


Infrastructure Rule of Thumb or Guide All Personal Computers and Servers (including those that are standalone) Networking Equipment (Routers, Switches, Modems, PBX, Key System, etc) All Devices that are “Network Capable” (Printers, copiers, scanners, etc) Anything directly connected to the network All Cell Phones and Blackberries Most software that is NOT “agency specific”


Standards State is moving to standard configurations for all infrastructure, examples: PC’s Servers Network Devices Printers Messaging Software

Desktop Standard: 

Desktop Standard Intel Pentium D Processor 1gb RAM Memory 80gb SATA Drive CD-RW/DVD Drive Two (2) front facing USB ports 17in. Flat Panel Monitor Microsoft Vista Capable

Laptop Standard: 

Laptop Standard Intel Duo Core Processor 1gb RAM 60gb Hard Disk CD-RW/DVD Drive Integrated 802.11 Wireless No external Monitor Microsoft Vista Capable


Transformation “Business as usual” vs transformation Transformation is the conversion of an agency’s infrastructure hardware and software to a supportable, standard platform. When do we start What does transformation mean to my eVA requests?

eVA Requests: 

eVA Requests Service requests in eVA that end up with NG are NOT purchases eVA was chosen for service requests because all agencies have access to it and it has approvals built in eVA is a “temporary” request mechanism If there are errors OR changes needed eVA ONLY allows EDIT or DENY. Both re-trigger workflow


Centralized Tech Review… Agency Centralized Tech Review (NG) Agency Approval AITR VITA SCM Business Review Tech Review NG Process Vendor All requests will be logged Initial in/out of scope determination Quick Review using given guidelines and route to PMD review if necessary Confirms adherence to desktop standards Determines need for Centralized Arch Compliance Capacity planning (server, disc space etc) Security review (centralized function) Others TBD Validates whether new or replacement asset by verifying asset tag # from replaced asset in comments of requisition Scrutinize incremental decision by field tech

Future State: 

Future State Most requests will be made via Help Desk NG Desktop Support will provide a standard unit from inventory (new or refurb) When employee leaves, part of employee checkup will be pick up of infrastructure items (PC, Blackberry, etc) for re-deployment either in your agency or another

How Do I Check Status: 

How Do I Check Status Until a request goes to Order Status, you can check the request in eVA Once Ordered If the VITA location is “VITA-NG” Send an email to vitapo@ngc.com If the VITA location is either “VITA” or “VITA-R” Send an email to evaorders@vita.virginia.gov

What Are We Doing To Speed Up Processing?: 

What Are We Doing To Speed Up Processing?

Metrics - IT PRs in the eVA Process: 

Metrics - IT PRs in the eVA Process

Metrics – Age of PRs in Technical Review: 

Metrics – Age of PRs in Technical Review


Future From the first 4 months, using the knowledge gained from Tech Review, develop a “cookbook” to speed up future “like” requests Both NG and VITA are recruiting for additional procurement professionals Use a new procedure for “projects” Phase out eVA as a request mechanism (not procurement) for basic infrastructure as agencies are transformed.

How Can You Speed Up Requests: 

How Can You Speed Up Requests Ask for a “Standard” instead of a detailed configuration (if you can) Attach as much documentation as you can, especially if the item exceeds the standard (quotes not required) State if NEW or REPLACEMENT If a replacement, give the asset tag, serial number or office location in comments Check with your on-site NG support person before submission

Which Takes Less Time??: 

Which Takes Less Time?? Dell D420 Laptop for Mobile Users Catalog Number 84 Retail RC973413 Latitude D420 Intel® Core™ Solo U1300 (1.06GHz, 533Mhz) 4210S - [ 222-2357 ] Operating Systems Genuine Windows® XP Professional, SP2, with media XPPRO2 - [ 420-4790 ] Express Upgrade to Windows Vista No Express Upgrade to Windows Vista Selected NVISUPG - [ 310-8590420-6431 ] File System NTFS File System for all Operating Systems NTFS - [ 420-3699 ] LCD 12.1 inch Wide Screen WXGA LCD Panel 12WX - [ 320-4808 ] Internal Keyboard Internal English Keyboard ENG - [ 310-7924 ] Memory 1.0GB, DDR2-533 SDRAM, (512MB Integrated) 2 DIMMs 1G2D - [ 311-6048 ] External Keyboard Dell USB Enhanced MultiMedia Black Keyboard USBMMK - [ 310-7930 ] Graphics Intel® Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator 950 GMA950 - [ 320-4809 ] Hard Drives 60GB Hard Drive, 8MM, 4200RPM 60D - [ 341-3594 ] Floppy Drive Floppy Drive FD - [ 340-6895 ] Mouse Dell USB 2-Button Black Optical Mouse DUSBK - [ 310-8061 ] Wireless LAN (802.11) Intel® 3945 802.11a/g Dual-Band Mini Card IPW3945 - [ 430-1542 ] Primary External Optical Drive Options MediaBase with 8X DVD+/-RW MB8DVRW - [ 313-4241 ] Batteries 9 Cell Primary Battery 9C - [ 312-0447 ] Carrying Cases Nylon Classic Carrying Case NCC - [ 310-7276 ] Modem Cable Modem Cable MODEM - [ 310-5995 ] Docking Solutions D/Port Advanced Port Replicator DPORT - [ 310-7278 ] D-Family Monitor Stand DMON - [ 310-7280 ] Gold Technical Support Gold Technical Support, Latitude 4Yrs GTS4WL - [ 465-5281900-4493 ] Resource CD Resource CD - Contains Diagnostics and Drivers RCD - [ 313-4243 ] Keep Your Hard Drive Keep Your Hard Drive, 3 Years KYHD3Y - [ 960-2597 ] AC Adapter 90W A/C Adapter 90AC - [ 310-7284 ] Hardware OR, Standard Laptop Computer

Q & A: 

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