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All Star Grill: 

All Star Grill Presented by: Justin Shilling

What is the All Star Grill ?: 

What is the All Star Grill ? Restaurant/ Sports Bar Located along Forbes Ave. in Oakland Specializing in a wide variety of entrees and drinks

Estimated Sales : 

Estimated Sales


People 30-35 employees Waitresses- job is to take the customer’s order, ring the order through the touch screen system Cooks- job is to cook the food according to the customer’s order, the cooks receive the order through the same touch screen system the waitresses use Bartenders- job is to accommodate the customer with beverages, bartenders are to have a firm knowledge of all drinks


Hardware CPU-Hewlett Packard A111OY Customizable PC, 120 GB Hard Drive Elo Touch Systems 15’’ LCD monitors- used by waitresses and bartenders to enter customers orders


Software Word processing- Microsoft Word, used for making promotional flyers, and general office use Spreadsheet- Microsoft Excel, used for entering and storing sales information Database- Microsoft Access, used for entering and storing employee information and to keep track of vendor orders


Data Microsoft Access I will use this to enter and store employee information, such as names, addresses, and telephone number Access will also be used to keep track of all vendor information including when to reorder, and when sales are not adequate, when to cancel the product


Procedures Normal- My restaurant will be open seven days a week, since it is primarily a sports bar, I will expect to be very busy on game days, to accommodate the extra business, I will have more people on staff to help out Back up- I will back up all the transactions at the end of every business day Recovery- Since I backed up every day, I will use the recovery disk to retrieve any information that may have been lost, due to an emergency

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