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Newspapers drive sales Newspapers: Perfect Partner to TV


“Fundamentally (and importantly!) the ads helped shift boxes of cereal…” Phil Toms Product Group Manager Shredded Wheat. “…there was clear evidence that newspapers delivered incremental sales on top of TV and promotions.” Jon Goldstone Vice President of Marketing Walkers “The evidence for using national newspapers alongside TV for Guinness is very strong... newspapers have an additive and complementary role, resulting in increased sales and consideration.” Russell Jones Marketing Director Guinness

A proven sales effect every time: 

A proven sales effect every time Independent sales analysis was commissioned for 5 brands in 2006, through dunnhumby and TNS Worldpanel Every case showed a proven sales effect for newspaper advertising Just as the 7 cases analysed in 2005 (see chart 13 onwards)


Newspapers generate immediate 5% sales increase Source: dunnhumby 2006 % Sales increase driven by newspapers during campaign 4.9 2.3 4.7 8.8 3.9 Average uplift during campaign Guinness Walkers Sensations Garnier Nutrisse Ravishing Reds Shredded Wheat


Newspapers sustain sales increases % Sales increase driven by newspapers post campaign Source: dunnhumby 2006 4.1 Guinness Post campaign Shredded Wheat Post campaign 3.5


TV plus Newspapers drives 26% sales uplift 14% 61% 25% Advertising effect on Philadelphia sales by media exposure Total uplift +26% 28 day sales effect NP solus TV + NP TV solus Source: TNS Worldpanel 2006


Newspapers advance normal price sales 68% 32% NP solus Normal Price Multi-buy Incremental Kraft Philadelphia Sales % Normal price vs. Multi-buy sales Source: TNS Worldpanel 2006


Higher OTS increases sales uplift % Sales increase driven by higher OTS 1-2 OTS 3+ OTS 3.7 4.8 3.3 4.4 3.9 5.4 3.8 6.3 Shredded Wheat during Shredded Wheat post Guinness post Guinness during Source: dunnhumby 2006


Newspapers boost penetration by up to 16% In the majority of cases, newspapers drove new penetration to increase sales Shredded Wheat relative penetration increased by 16.2% Newspaper advertising effect on Shredded Wheat Penetration % increase 16.2 14.4 During Post Source: dunnhumby 2006


Newspapers deliver brand halo effect Newspaper advertising effect on Garnier Nutrisse and Shredded Wheat sales during campaign % increase +8.8 +4.3 +3.9 +4.7 Ravishing Reds Total Garnier Nutrisse Shredded Wheat Total Shredded Wheat range Source: dunnhumby 2006


Martin Hayward Director of Consumer Strategy and Futures dunnhumby


2005 Effectiveness Case Studies


The highest uplift was 13% for new Listerine Citrus Average uplift across the five brands was 6.3% during campaign Average sales increase for four brands showing a sales effect post campaign was 3% Source: dunnhumby 2005 Newspapers generate up to 13% immediate sales uplift Average % sales increase driven by newspapers, 2005 6.3 3 During campaign Post campaign


Source: dunnhumby 2005 Double the sales increase at higher OTS Average % sales increase driven by newspapers, 2005 14 8 During campaign Post campaign


An econometric analysis was undertaken for Bakers Meaty Meals by DDB Matrix on behalf of Nestlé Newspapers delivered 10% sales uplift for the variant Plus a further £1million halo effect on total Bakers sales Source: DDB Matrix 2005 Meaty sales with Newspapers


160 120 80 20 0 22 Jan 05 5 Feb 05 19 Feb 05 5 Mar 05 19 Mar 05 2 Apr 05 Meaty Meals Volume Sales Press GPRs Source: DDB Matrix 2005 40 60 100 140 180 200 Newspapers Contribution ‘Natural Growth’ Week ending +10 % for variant £1m halo effect for total Bakers Newspapers delivered a 10% sales uplift


Andrex Moistened sales rose 26% in two months as a result of adding newspapers to in-store promotions Simultaneously 34% more households bought the brand as newspapers created the re-appraisal needed to attract new users Source: Kimberly Clark 2005 Newspapers improved Andrex bottom line


A new mouthwash variant, Listerine Citrus grew by 13% more than expected in Tesco as a result of newspaper advertising. Source: dunnhumby 2005 Sales grow with brand news


Source: dunnhumby 2005 Sales grow with brand news Domestos Bleach Cleaning Spray posted a high increase of 11%.


Source: dunnhumby 2005 Brand building campaign also drives sales The Müller campaign was the strongest campaign for delivery of extra sales value Generating an additional uplift of 2.5% across the short and medium term


Brand halo effects detected for Bakers Meaty Meals, Sure range, total Domestos and Listerine. Source: dunnhumby 2005 Newspapers generate brand halo effect

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