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Redefine the high quality living and work spaces with lodha amara thane. From the very own India's largest real estate developer Lodha group. King size lifestyle possession details are just few clicks away. Every you need with thane's finest neighbourhood.


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DO MORE. LIVE MORE. You have a dream – of a life filled with interesting exciting experiences with the time and opportunity to fulfil every aspect of your personality. A life that beautifully balances a rewarding career personal passions and meaningful relationships with the ones you love. This is your life at Amāra. Located just minutes away from work and the buzz of the city living in Amāra gives you the rare privilege of time and a wealth of ways to enjoy every moment of it. Over Amāra’s 40-acre expanse you’ll find spaces and facilities to pursue every possible interest and hobby to enjoy carefree evenings with friends and connect with your family your spouse and your inner self. A life more active more vibrant more satisfying more luxurious – it’s now yours to enjoy at Amāra.

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In the heart of Prime Central Thane is a unique living experience inspired by some of the world’s most celebrated urban neighbourhoods. Its name drawn from the Sanskrit ‘Amar’ meaning eternal signifies everything that Amāra stands for – the eternal dream of a perfectly balanced life that’s now a vivid wonderful reality. In Amāra a lush 40-acre oasis in the fast-growing metropolis of Thane yours is a life brimming with rich experiences and the time to savour them. Pursue your passions enjoy time with friends bond with family and community be one with nature. Even while you’re just minutes away from the business hubs and urban attractions of Thane. As impeccably planned efficient and culturally vibrant as the Upper East Side in New York City Dempsey Hill in Singapore and Notting Hill in London Amāra brings to India and the Mumbai Metropolitan Region the global concept of a perfectly planned urban neighbourhood endowed with every luxury of a contemporary lifestyle yet organically integrated into its original lush natural habitat. Amāra is being developed by the Lodha Group India’s finest developers in partnership with India’s most celebrated architect Hafeez Contractor and Sitetectonix one of the world’s leading landscape design firms. Could you ask for more

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IT’S A WORLD OF PRIVILEGE UNLIKE ANY OTHER IN THE CITY. NATURALLY IT HAS AN ENTRANCE TO MATCH. The magnificent gates of Amāra open ushering you into your own private Eden. Your car purrs down the Grand Avenue flanked by lush greenery leading you into the courtyard of a rather spectacular entrance pavilion. A spacious terrace extends beyond the pavilion with swimming pools overlooking the landscape. Rows of palm trees evoke a lush tropical ambience and smooth green expanses flow into a central green spine winding its way down the entire length of the neighbourhood. Amāra exudes the grandeur of a rare living experience from its very entrance. Making you proud indeed to call it home.

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BUILT AROUND A CENTRAL GREEN A WORLD OF EXPERIENCES SO FASCINATING YOU DISCOVER YOURSELF AT EVERY TURN. Dominating the stunning Amāra landscape is a central belt of gardens running down the length of the entire neighbourhood forming a lush green spine and flowing out into informal green expanses and gardens. Thousands of trees carefully preserved to retain the verdant beauty of the original habitat offer you the unique charm of living in complete harmony with nature. Walking around this beautifully landscaped expanse is like a journey of self-discovery with a host of experiences awaiting you. Uninhibited romping with the kids in the play village contemplative moments in the art garden finding inner harmony with yoga or an exhilarating time in the adventure pavilion – the Amāra landscape is simply a giant canvas on which to express every aspect of your personality. And what makes it truly extraordinary is that it’s virtually a vehicle-free neighbourhood allowing you to enjoy a healthy eco-friendly lifestyle. While carefully planned vehicle routes and drop-off zones are always available for those who need them the safe pollution-free green reserve encourages you to take a brisk walk home every day enjoying the finest air quality in the city and saving fuel too.

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N For some instant retail therapy head to the shopping zone A tree house and adventures. The picnic niche: a great excuse to have every meal outdoors. Play lawn Camp in your private forest For illustrative purposes only The tai chi deck: A lantern garden to brighten your evenings. The sculpture garden: nature and art hammock garden and lounge under the trees. Main entrance Meditation deck Tire swing Family picnics at the garden barbeque. No planning necessary. Wetland gardens The grand sports arena: raise your game. Football Sculpture island The clubhouse is an island of fun. The central green: endless experiences not a single car. Turn family matches into unforgettable events at the cricket pitch. The play village: can visit every day. Climbing wall Palm court Splash pad Ganesha temple Jain temple Barbecue Pit

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Live active Live social Live playful Live romantic Live spontaneous Live natural Live spiritual A grand sports arena | Almost 30 acres of open space with sports facilities | A 5000 sq. ft. gym indoor sports courts and multiple swimming pools including a covered ladies pool 6 clubhouses including the sprawling 25000 sq. ft. main clubhouse | Indoor and outdoor party venues including a poolside deck | Lively poolside café Tree house | Splash pad | Play village | Jungle gym Mini-amphitheatre A lantern garden for magical evenings | A cosy hammock garden Aromatic garden and grove | An art and sculpture garden Barbeque areas and dining enclaves for impromptu dinner parties | A private theatre minus the ticket queue Picnic niches at your doorstep Private forest with pavilions and a machan | Walking trails including a boardwalk canopy walk and woodland trail | A landscape dappled with lawns and wetland gardens Outdoor decks for meditation tai chi yoga and Pilates A Ganesha temple | A Jain temple | A sacred garden

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Try your hand at tennis at the outdoor court. It’s never too late to be the next Nadal. Part-time athlete or passionate sports buff you have plenty of options to get your adrenaline rush at Amāra. With everything right at your doorstep you have all the time you need. So nurture your passion across the vast car-free central green with its cricket pitch and informal sports grounds. Or hone your skills in the grand sports arena which offers the finest facilities for a variety of sports. Car-free central green with a cricket pitch and sports ground. A grand sports arena with top-notch facilities. Including an international- standard football ground athletics track and multipurpose courts. Magnificent 25000 sq. ft. clubhouse with a 5000 sq. ft. gym lap pool and covered badminton courts and a health club with a steam room and changing rooms. Rock climbing wall.

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Shake up your exercise routine with a game of basketball.

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The steam room: a relaxing way to sweat it out after a hard day at work.

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The café has a way of turning neighbours into new friends. You your closest pals and a host of interesting party venues – all the ingredients for a memorable night are at your disposal at Amāra. Let your hair down at the party deck or opt for a relaxed poolside brunch as the kids splash around riotously with friends in their own pool. The Amāra clubhouse extending over 25000 sq. ft. offers you stylish party halls and a chic café perfect for hosting the most talked-about soirées in the city. Opportunities to bond at the Amāra clubhouse: Poolside party decks. Multiple party halls and an outdoor party lawn. Pools including a family pool. Jacuzzi.

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Host an icebreaker for your new office colleagues at the party deck.

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A sports club a place to lounge in a party venue a watering hole. The main clubhouse is many things.

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Play areas in a car-free expanse: so childhood games aren’t interrupted by traffic. Relive your childhood with your kids in a world of carefree fun and joyful discovery. Run wild in expansive play areas filled with world-class equipment and games and while away the time at delightful little reading nooks and the fairy-tale tree house. All set within a vast green vehicle-free expanse that is a playground in itself. Play village: a wonderland of games and play equipment. A splash pad: where the ground has synchronised playful water jets. Jungle gyms and tire swings. KidzFun: a large indoor play area at the main Amāra clubhouse. Library lounge and quiet outdoor reading spaces. A mini-amphitheatre for budding performers. Tree house for kids.

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Let your children live storybook adventures in a tree house.

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The splash pad: your own private water park.

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While city life often gets in the way of spending time with your loved one Amāra rekindles the flame with shaded terraces cosy hammocks lounges and spaces so private the rest of the world stays away. After all where there are gardens and secluded nooks can romance be far behind Hammock terrace. Lantern garden. Aromatic garden and tree grove.

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The lantern garden will instantly transport you to a fairy-tale honeymoon.

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If you want to say it with flowers walk your partner down the aromatic garden.

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The sculpture garden: add a touch of romance to a cultural experience.

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Nothing brings back the genuine warmth and fun of family life like a spontaneous family outing. At Amāra you’re spoilt for choice between the lively dining pavilion the alfresco barbecue spot the many picnic clearings dotting the landscape and the private theatre. All wonderful spots to let the love and laughter flow as you create memories to savour forever. Outdoor dining enclaves. Barbeque areas. Picnic niches with hammocks and outdoor seating. A theatre-cum-auditorium.

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A picnic niche that’s just perfect for a mini vacation.

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A dining pavilion for dinner with friends. No reservations necessary.

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Skip the ticket queue and head for a show at your own private theatre.

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Swap the treadmill for a walk down a wooded trail.

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Of all the unique privileges you enjoy at Amāra the private forest is perhaps the most precious. Towering trees form a canopy over meandering paths ofering you an untouched private and beautiful space to muse in solitude. The forest is dotted with memorable experiences from a charming clearing displaying sculptures to a delightful tree house for kids shaded pavilions and a quiet pond. Step in for some me-time walk out a new person. An expansive private forest with enchanting features such as: Delightful walking trails: boardwalk canopy walk forest walk. Woodland machan. Shaded pavilions. Waterbodies and a lawn for play. Wetland gardens to promote the growth of native flora and fauna.

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A canopy of green as far as the eye can see. The Air Quality Index. The lower the AQI figure the purer the air. Location AQI London 43 New York 49 Amāra 63 Navi Mumbai 154 Chennai 180 Mumbai overall 203 Delhi 363 Data from Jan - March 2016 Source: aqicn.org/map/india Thousands of ancient trees bequeath you with life-giving oxygen and a landscape that’s virtually car-free offers you the cleanest environment in the country. Amāra enjoys an Air Quality Index of 63 – similar to London and New York and far better than anywhere else in Mumbai or India. Go on breathe in the gift of health and well-being.

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Harmony and balance permeate the very air of Amāra. Within its soothing nurturing ambience are many tranquil spots where you can connect with yourself restore your soul and revive your spirit. A studio dedicated to the discipline of yoga a secluded meditation deck a serene temple or a shaded garden – choose your own path to spiritual bliss. Spaces for reflection and self-discovery: Tai chi pavilion. Yoga and Pilates deck. Meditation deck. Ganesha temple. Jain temple. Sacred garden.

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After a busy week regain your balance at the tai chi deck.

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Meditation zones: take the scenic route to a higher plane.

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A yoga and Pilates deck at your doorstep so you can focus on yourself and not the commute.

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Amāra is conceived and designed as a living experience seamlessly integrated with nature. Elegant 25- to 30-storey towers are embedded in greenery so sensitively designed that they seem as much a part of the landscape as the trees and meandering pathways. Choose from a range of residences each designed to allow an abundance of natural light and command a beautiful garden view. Every residence reflects optimal space planning advanced home automation impeccable style and luxurious international finishes.

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Amenities for each group of towers: Clubhouse with a well-equipped gym and an indoor games room for carrom and chess. Well-designed outdoor space shaded by tree canopies adjoining a kids’ playground and secure play area. Stylish air-conditioned residences. Optimal space planning with closet space in every room and separate storeroom and utility areas. Large windows for ample natural light and air. Every apartment has a garden or river view. Luxury fixtures and finishes. Except in kitchen passage and bathroom. In select apartments only

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Enjoy your morning cuppa watching the dew glisten on your lawn or end the day with a romantic alfresco dinner for two. Amāra offers a limited-edition collection of garden villas – luxurious high-ceilinged spacious residences with elegant French windows opening into your private garden overlooking the larger landscape. FEW PEOPLE HAVE THE PRIVILEGE OF A PRIV A TE GARDEN. YOU COULD BE ONE OF THEM. Garden villas with 11’5” floor-to-floor height.

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HOMES SO INTELLIGENT THEY CAN TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES. AND YOU. State-of-the-art home automation systems with multiple functions: Control lighting temperature blinds security and more. Smart home controller connecting smoke sensors and alarms. Immediate alerts to registered mobile numbers and email addresses in case of an emergency. Fully customised and easy-to-use control system with energy-saving benefits. Designed to fit into the aesthetics and styling of the residence. You’re done at the office and planning a romantic evening at home. With the press of a button on your smartphone or tablet you can have the blinds drawn the lights dimmed and the air-conditioner humming softly at a pre-set temperature even before you get home. Fitted with integrated home automation systems your residence at Amāra can be programmed to adapt to your daily routine have the controls of your appliances at your fingertips and monitor your security too. Home automation is not part of the standard offering. Can be installed as per preference at additional cost.

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Designed to bring every comfort and convenience to you within the lush boundaries of your own neighbourhood the Amāra retail plaza offers well-stocked retail stores chic cafés an ATM and every other facility to keep life running smoothly. With routine needs taken care of you have all the time you need to enjoy Amāra’s host of exciting fulfilling experiences. The Amāra retail plaza: Well-stocked retail stores. Stylish cafés. ATM. FROM GROCERIES TO SILK TIES THE BEST OF RETAIL IS A T YOUR DOORSTEP .

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At Amāra the most advanced technology is deployed to ensure that you and your family enjoy every experience in absolute security. Besides sensitively designed maintenance and resource management processes offer residents a luxury lifestyle while respecting and preserving the precious green reserve that makes Amāra unique. Multilevel security: Guest entry only with approval of residents. Radio Frequency Identification to automatically identify and track cars. Entry to tower only by swipe card. CCTV monitoring of key areas. Environment-friendly systems: 100 waste water recycling. Solar power usage for water heating select units. Thousands of trees throughout Amāra providing world-class air quality.

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The location

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THE BUZZ THE PACE THE HOTSPOTS OF THANE. JUST MINUTES AWAY FROM YOUR SERENE GREEN HAVEN. Step out of Amāra and you’re in the pulsating centre of a vibrant metropolis within minutes. Revel in the attractions of Thane’s celebrated leisure spots with glittering malls multiplexes amusement parks and a lively performing centre for the arts at your disposal. Stylish malls and multiplexes including Viviana Mall Korum Mall Hypercity Mall R Mall and Big Mega Mart. Over 60 reputed schools and colleges including Singhania School Euro Kids Billabong International School and Lodha World School. 15 multispecialty hospitals including Jupiter Vedant Bethany and Hiranandani hospitals. Large amusement parks. 2 botanical gardens. Theme parks. A vibrant performing arts centre.

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PRIME CENTRAL THANE. THE CENTRE OF GROWTH INFRASTRUCTURE AND OPPORTUNITY IN MMR. Prime Central Thane the destination perfectly located between East and West Thane has evolved into the Mumbai Metropolitan Region’s finest example of urban planning earning it the title of Model City by UN-Habitat and the European Commission. Amāra boasts of an enviable location in Prime Central Thane with excellent road and rail networks connecting it to every part of Mumbai. The metropolis’ superlative infrastructure includes top-notch international schools excellent colleges 15 multispecialty hospitals providing world-class healthcare and civic and sustainability processes that are a benchmark. Thane is also considered India’s most promising centre for business India’s top 50 corporates including IT and ITES firms banks and multinationals already have a presence here. With the throb and hum of a fast-growing urban centre just a drive away from your secluded haven Amāra offers you the best of both worlds.

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Excellent rail and road network with connectivity to every part of Mumbai Navi Mumbai and other cities across India. Sanctioned metro network connecting Thane to Wadala. Proposed Thane-Borivali tunnel taking you from Thane to Borivali in 10 minutes. Over 1 lac IT and corporate positions within 15 minutes’ driving distance. Exceptional civic infrastructure and environment-sensitive planning. Companies with a presence in Thane include TCS Novartis Serco Mondelēz Eureka Forbes Eicher Tata Technologies ACC and Bayer.

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Developer and partners

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THE LODHA GROUP Established in 1980 the privately held Lodha Group is India’s No. 1 real estate developer and amongst the world’s few multinational real estate brands with a presence in India and the United Kingdom. The group is India’s No. 1 developer with sales of almost INR 8000 cr. in FY 14-15. It currently has total land holdings of over 6000 acres with an estimated saleable area of approximately 490 million sq. ft. This includes 27 ongoing and 21 planned projects spread over 1284 acres of land comprising 100 million sq. ft. of saleable area. In addition Lodha’s land reserves of 4750 acres – the largest in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region – have an estimated saleable area of 388 million sq. ft. Our ongoing and planned projects and land reserves combined were valued at USD 11.8 billion by Knight Frank in October 2014. Lodha has delivered 26 million sq. ft. of real estate in projects that span across Mumbai Pune and Hyderabad. In FY 14-15 alone the company delivered 5.7 million sq. ft. and 5500 units across projects. The group plans to deliver more than 6000 units in FY 15-16. Lodha’s vision of ‘Building a Better Life’ extends across markets with several landmark developments to its credit including World One – the world’s tallest residential tower and Palava City – the first greenfield smart city in the country. The group has brought some of the top global names including Armani/Casa Trump Philippe Starck Jade Jagger Kelly Hoppen Greg Norman and Pei Cobb Freed to India. In 2010 the Group recorded the biggest land deal in India till date buying a plot for INR 4053 cr. from the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority MMRDA where it is developing New Cuffe Parade a world-class mixed-use development set to become the new city centre of Mumbai. The Group has acquired other notable land parcels in Mumbai such as the 88-acre land parcel in the Thane region the 17-acre Mumbai Textile Mills parcel from DLF for approximately INR 2727 cr. and the celebrated Washington House property on Altamount Road from the American government. In November 2013 The Group extended its international footprint with the acquisition of the landmark MacDonald House at 1 Grosvenor Square in Prime Central London from the Canadian Government for a consideration of over GBP 300 million INR 3100 cr.. It was selected as the preferred bidder in the face of competition from sovereign wealth funds and leading DEVELOPER

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developers from across the globe. With this acquisition the Group has set up business in the UK with a planned investment of GBP 3 billion INR 30000 cr. over the next 5 years and is now a true Indian multinational company. The Group acquired another premium site in Prime Central London New Court near Covent Garden taking the combined investment to approximately GBP 400 million. With offices in London Dubai and Shanghai and planned openings in the USA and Singapore the Group is on the road to a substantial international presence. Lodha Group is one of the largest employers in Mumbai with over 3870 direct associates and over 25000 workmen at its sites. It has the largest technical manpower in real estate 1800+ engineers 800+ management professionals and 150 designers and architects. The Company also employs over 550 marketing and sales professionals supported by 300 customer care representatives. Lodha is also the largest recruiter from premier B-schools having employed over 300 fresh graduates. Pioneering new trends in the market the Group introduced Casa by Lodha in 2009 offering the mid-income consumer luxury homes within easy reach. The Group also introduced the concept of branded office spaces with offerings at every level from world-class corporate offices and large-scale office campuses to signature boutique offices. Lodha’s clean title land world-class design exemplary execution capabilities differentiated branding and marketing together with energetic on-ground sales have worked well to create the best value for customers. The Group’s tremendous success has been marked by financial investments from the finest global long-only investors including JP Morgan Deutsche Bank HDFC Ventures and ICICI Ventures. Going beyond its role as a premier real estate developer the Lodha Group has been a socially responsible corporate focussing on education – the best medium to enrich society. Awards and Recognition Winner of the Global Leadership in Real Estate Award at the NDTV Profit Property Awards 2014. Winner of the National Safety Council Award 2014 in the construction category for Lodha Fiorenza. Named ‘The Most Trusted Real Estate Brand in the Country’ Brand Trust Report 2014. Ranked one of India’s ‘Best Companies to Work For 2014 by Great Places to Work ® – for the 4th consecutive year.

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Winner of the ‘India’s Most Admired Builders’ award at the 9th Construction World Architect Builder CWAB Awards 2014. Winner of ‘Deal of the Year’ at the RESI Awards 2014 in London for the acquisition of the Canadian High Commission. Winner of the ‘Most Upcoming Real Estate Brand’ award at CNBC Awaaz Real Estate Awards 2013. Winner of Emerging Business of the Year – HELLO Magazine ‘Hall of Fame’ Awards 2013. Winner of Popular Choice Award ‘Most Admired Loyalty Program in RE Sector’ at ABP News Real Estate Awards 2013. Lodha Belleza Hyderabad recognised as the best ‘Ultra Luxury Segment – 50 Complete Residential’ project by CNBC Awaaz Real Estate Awards 2013. Winner of Indian Digital Media Awards 2013: - Lodha Belmondo: Silver Award for ‘Best Product/ Services website’. - New Cuffe Parade: Bronze Award for ‘Best Integrated Media Campaign – Corporate’. Named ‘Mumbai’s Most Preferred Real Estate Brand’ – Morgan Stanley Report 2012. Winner of Green Good Design Award 2012 for World One. Winner of Good Practice UN-Habitat Business Award for Integrated Planning for Casa Bella an integrated township at Palava. Winner of International Property Awards 2012 in association with Bloomberg: - Lodha Fiorenza Mumbai for ‘Best High-Rise Development’. - Lodha Bellezza Hyderabad for ‘Best High-Rise Architecture’. - Lodha Golflinks Palava for ‘Best Residential Golf Development’. Named ‘Most Preferred Real Estate Brand in Mumbai’ – Morgan Stanley Research November 2012. Named ‘Most Desirable Real Estate Brand in Mumbai’ – Lokmat BDI Survey January 2010. Recent Completed Projects Lodha Residential Casa Residential Lodha Office Spaces Lodha Costiera Nepean Sea Road | Lodha’s Château Paradis Worli Sea Face | Lodha Bellissimo Mahalaxmi | Lodha Primero Mahalaxmi | Lodha Aria East Parel | Lodha Grandeur Prabhadevi | Lodha Palazzo JVPD Scheme Juhu | Lodha One JVPD Scheme Juhu | Lodha Aurum Kanjurmarg | Lodha Imperia Bhandup | Lodha Aqua Dahisar | Lodha Luxuria Thane Lodha Paradise Thane | Lodha Aristo Thane | Lodha Golflinks Palava | Lodha Goldcrest Lonavala | Casa Ultima Thane Casa Essenza Dahisar | Casa Bella Palava | Lodha Excelus Mahalaxmi | Lodha Supremus Worli | Lodha Supremus Upper Worli Lodha Supremus Kanjurmarg | iTHINK by Lodha Kanjurmarg iTHINK by Lodha Thane | Boulevard Shopping Thane

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Ongoing Projects: Office Spaces Lodha Supremus Powai | Lodha Supremus Thane Ongoing Projects: Residential World One Upper Worli | World Crest Upper Worli | The Park Worli | Trump Tower Mumbai Worli | Lodha Venezia Parel Lodha Elisium New Cuffe Parade | Lodha Dioro New Cuffe Parade | Lodha Evoq New Cuffe Parade Lodha Estrella New Cuffe Parade | Lodha Fiorenza Goregaon Lodha Aurum Grandé Kanjurmarg | Lodha Belmondo Pune Lodha Bellezza Hyderabad | Lodha Meridian Hyderabad Casa Royale Thane | Casa Bella Gold Palava | Casa Rio Palava Casa Rio Gold Palava | Casa Paradiso Hyderabad Upcoming Projects Residences at Altamount Road Walkeshwar Prabhadevi Andheri and Thane | Bungalows at Palava and Pune All details valid as on the date of printing. COMMITMENT TO OUR COMMUNITIES Lodha Foundation Lodha Group’s vision – ‘Building a Better Life’ – extends to its commitment to society. The Group makes significant efforts to improve and uplift the areas it works in and the communities it works with. Over 2 of the Group’s annual profits are dedicated to social programmes. Registered as Lodha Charitable Trust Lodha Foundation was established in 2007 and implements developmental initiatives in Mumbai Thane and Kalyan-Dombivli Region. The Foundation focuses on assisting families to be self-sufficient by ensuring that at least one member of the family is employable. In order to achieve this goal the foundation focuses on education and vocational training. Education Chandresh Lodha Memorial School: Over 5000 students from low-income families receive high-quality subsidised education through the two branches of the Chandresh Lodha Memorial School in Dombivli and Nalasopara. Highest quality education is provided at a fee of less than INR 500 per month ensuring that every child has access to a brighter future regardless of the financial standing of the family. Lodha Foundation Scholarships: Each year the Foundation

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offers scholarships to over 1000 students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The scholarships provide up to 75 of the school fees and other education-related costs to students who exhibit good academic performance. Lodha Foundation International Study Scholarships: These are awarded each year to 3 students of outstanding academic merit who need financial aid to enable them to pursue higher education outside India. The goal of this initiative is to inspire them to return and contribute to Indian society. Career guidance camps: These are regularly organised to provide useful information on career planning. These camps organise aptitude and interest tests and workshops for students and their parents on subjects like career guidance board exam preparations the role of parents in developing their child’s career and so on. A total of 15 programmes are organised each month in collaboration with schools and colleges. The Foundation also organises English-speaking courses for housewives and youth in its designated areas. Mobile crèches: Day-care centres are established in conjunction with Mumbai Mobile Crèches to offer crèche education and nutritional support to children up to 14 years of age at various Lodha construction sites thereby providing a safe and conducive environment for the children of construction workers. Mentorship: Lodha Foundation offers its associates the opportunity to act as mentors to children aided by the Foundation. Vocational Training The Foundation conducts vocational training in a variety of fields like computer programming vehicle repair mobile repair mehendi application and more. The courses benefit over 2000 individuals each year empowering them with life skills to ensure long-term employment. Health Mobile health clinics: Lodha Foundation runs 3 medical vans which organise free medical camps for 3 hours every morning and evening for communities in slums and low-income housing societies. We have 4 such units which provide a range of health services to slums and chawls which include general check-up blood glucose measurement BMI ECG scan CBC count bone density scan for osteoporosis etc. The mobile health clinics have helped about 60000 patients annually.

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School health camps: Regular health check-ups are organised for children studying at primary and secondary levels in 35 government-aided and private schools. Students benefit from facilities like general check-up dental check-up ENT check-up gynaecology check-up for girls eyesight check-up etc. Each student is provided with medicine and a health card with the results of the check-up plus a copy of the health card for their schools. Nirogi Mahila Abhiyan Campaign for Disease-Free Females: This free medical check-up camp has been developed specifically for women and adolescent girls living in Mumbai’s slums. The camps have been providing services to about 50000 females every year. Lodha Foundation’s hearse service: Lodha provides free 24/7 hearse services to the citizens of Mumbai. This service attended to over 750 calls last year. Empowering Women And Supporting Destitute Women Self-Help Groups SHG: Lodha Foundation has mobilised over 300 women through SHGs. These groups undertake regular savings and are involved in various social initiatives. In the last 3 years the groups have also undertaken a range of business and social activities. Grain support: Lodha Foundation has identified over 300 women with no family support or source of income. It supplies these women with a monthly ration comprising food grains pulses oil spices etc. Training and placement: The foundation has partnered with various training and placement agencies to achieve the dual objective of vocational training and assisting employment. As part of the initiative women get placed in housekeeping agencies and provide service as housemaids cooks etc. while being a part of an organised workforce. Civic Support Lodha Foundation has undertaken a massive cleanliness drive to clean spaces often overlooked even by the BMC – house gullies. Till date the foundation has cleaned up over 500 house gullies free of cost. In addition to cleaning insecticide is sprayed using a fogging machine to ensure that citizens live in a hygienic atmosphere. Senior Citizens Computer and smartphone training for senior citizens:

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In keeping with the objective of providing need-based learning to different age groups this programme was organised to help senior citizens use technology to communicate better and educate themselves. Training is free for men above 50 and women over 45. The initiative has trained 1500 senior citizens and aims to reach out to 10000. Joy of Living: This programme helps about 50 senior citizens on their day-long pilgrimage every day. This is a hugely popular programme over 10000 people have benefited from it till date. Senior citizen groups: The foundation has helped develop senior citizens groups enabling them to come together for important causes and for personal growth. We have formed over 8 senior citizen groups in Mumbai comprising over 200 senior citizens. This initiative teaches them how to make wills helps them volunteer for causes gives them access to health camps and even helps them celebrate the birthdays of group members. Religious Activities Lodha Dham Thane Shri Sai Dham: Located by the Mumbai-Nasik Highway near Thane the Dham caters to devotees who walk on foot from Mumbai to Shirdi and is a resting place for all devotees of Shirdi Sai Baba. Lodha Dham Vasai: This caters to Jain saints who travel on foot from Mumbai to the rest of India. It provides these saints with food and offers a temple library and a gathering place for devotees. Environmental Stewardship Lodha is committed to ensuring that development is done with the greatest respect and reverence for nature and in line with the ideals of our ancient scriptures. Some of the initiatives by Lodha include: One of Mumbai’s first completed Gold LEED office buildings. Mumbai’s first multitenant Platinum LEED office building under construction. Use of solar power through solar power farms at various locations. Rainwater harvesting at all developments. Recycling of fresh water at all developments. Large amount of landscaping and tree plantation at all developments. Usage of local materials for construction to minimise pollution. Recycling of waste materials to ensure conservation of resources.

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Architect: Hafeez Contractor Hafeez Contractor needs very little introduction to India’s architectural fraternity. He was awarded one of India’s highest civilian honours – the Padma Bhushan – in 2016 for his contribution to architecture in India. In recent times he has also become a household name throughout the country. As one of India’s leading architects he has changed the face of the nation’s urban landscape forever. His long list of prestigious architectural projects includes luxury hotels like the ITC Grand Central and the ITC Grand Maratha Sheraton the Infosys Global Education Centre Mysore D. Y. Patil Stadium in Nerul Navi Mumbai and the redesigning of Mumbai Airport. Landscape design: Sitetectonix Singapore Established in 1995 in Singapore Sitetectonix is globally acclaimed for its contribution to landscape architecture urban design and planning. The firm boasts an impressive and wide-ranging portfolio and several awards for design excellence. Sitetectonix is known for innovative cost-effective designs that are executed with uncompromising quality and dependability. They take into account the environmental social cultural historic and economic circumstances of each project. Sitetectonix’s high-profile projects include the Anglo-Chinese school Singapore Far East Square Singapore the first ITE regional campus Singapore Kanuhura Beach Spa Resort Maldives and the much-awarded Hotel Sofitel Central Hua Hin. MEP Engineers: Buro Happold India Buro Happold New York is one of the world’s leading MEP engineers. Known for having designed the Louvre at Abu Dhabi and the iconic World Towers in Mumbai the Buro Happold team brings a holistic approach to every project by focussing simultaneously on design concepts details execution value for money and efficiency. The team is dedicated to creating a world-class internal environment deploying advanced energy-efficient systems and technology to ensure the highest level of safety comfort and environmental responsibility. PROJECT PARTNERS

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MahaRERA Registration No. P5170000981/1030/1031/1065 available at website: http://maharera.mahaonline.gov.in

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