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What is Time Management? Evolution of Time Management. The E-Dimension. Time Management for Executives Success Stories. The State of Art. In Practice Key Concepts and Thinkers in Time. 10 Steps to Making Time Management Work. Time Management

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DEFINITION: Tools and techniques of planning and scheduling time, usually with the aim to increase effectiveness. “It is those who make the worst use of their time who most complain of it’s shortness” Jean de la Bruyere Time Management is about making changes to the way you spend you time. Time is fixed, can’t change it.

Time Management Skills:

Time Management Skills Goal Setting Scheduling Prioritizing Planning Decision – Making

“Time is Money” :

“Time is Money” Analyze How you spend your Time. 1 2 Have a look at your past 3 “I KNEW IT” ok, NOW Change it 4 How to manage your Time?

E- Dimension:

Technology = Reduce Work Save Time E- Dimension Internet Emails Computers Laptops High speed Systems Fast Software Systems

The State of Art:

The State of Art Teleworking Flexible working hours benefits both to employers and employees Flexible Working

Traveling Time !:

Traveling Time ! Choose the form of transport that suits you best. Think of a transport which you can use time to achieve work while traveling. Use the time you spend in waiting.

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How to Practice Your Time Management?

PowerPoint Presentation:

How to Practice Your Time Management?

How to Practice Your Time Management?:

How to Practice Your Time Management?

Going Global Cultural Difference:

Going Global Cultural Difference Each Culture have a different attitudes with Time. Culture Works on either MONOCHRONIC and POLOCHRONIC Time. MONOCHRONIC POLYCHRONIC

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Cultural Difference Cross Culture Solution in Time Management Leads to Some Problems: Need to Research Different Culture concept of Time. Understand the overseas Concept. Build their concept of Time into your Schedules.

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Steps to Make your Time Management Work Set Goals Planning Your work and Time Clear your desk Prioritizing your work

PowerPoint Presentation:

Steps to Make your Time Management Work Delegation Avoid Interruptions Monitor and Measure your Progress

Success Time Management:

Success Time Management Once you understand the keys of success, understanding how to use your time, you can easily success in managing it effectively.

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Amal Sanad AL-MAKNA Hantal Department Thank you for your attention

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