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Understand the New product development Process from a recent product: The "Wii-Fit"


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NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT ESC Saint-Etienne School of Business Done by: Amal Sanad, GARNIER TAVARDON Hélios, GALL Tamás

The Team : 

The Team Tamás: had the idea of studying Wii-Fit, studied in more details all the product development, market testing and commercialization Amal: realized all the graphic charter, concept development and business development Hélios: looked for charts, the idea generation, idea screening and marketing strategy development

Reasons for choosing this product : 

Interesting Unusual Huge echo Close launching date Reasons for choosing this product

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Overview Introduction (Nintendo & Wii Fit) Stage Gate Process Current Product Situation Key Learning’s Sources

I. Introduction : 

I. Introduction Nintendo Co. & Wii Fit

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Publisher: Release Date: December April 25 in Europe. Genre: Miscellaneous, a series of audience- expanding Wii games. Target: Fitness Fans, mainly feminine and families. Wii-Fit concept : Games as exercise to a new level with a Balance Board.

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Wii Fit Balance Board, and body movement. MAXIMUM WEIGHT: 330 lbs. The balance board monitors the weight and BMI. Wii Fit features over 40 exercises and games. The Unique Selling Point for Wii Fit is to mix Fun and Health at home. UNIQUE SELLING POINT

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Stay at Home, spend more time at home Lead a healthier life Spend more time with the family. Anonymous V.I.P. Rein of <<Play Hard>> Simplicity P.O.G

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P.O.G Violence in Video games. “Unhealthy”. Laziness + Same position for hours. Limited players can play and enjoy. No new ideas to share. No Natural human actions to do. Only activate the eyes and ears.

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PRODUCT SOLUTIONS A unique Idea of Fun to play. “ EVERYBODY CAN PLAY”. A game that changes people’s lifestyle. Exercise the mind and body functions. Healthy to play, an active game. Different idea of playing. Wii-fit = fitness + Video game. A new Gaming experience.

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Nintendo’s Main Goal: To change the concept of gaming to a health and fitness something for families to spend time together. Production: Creating the Balance board & the software to: Lower the cost as much as possible. Main focus on the balance function.

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IDEA GENERATION Idea came from: The software development department. The idea came from a simple hobby of Mr Miyamoto. Measuring his body weight as a daily routine. Mr. Iwata Nintendo’s manager wanted a real gaming experience. An objective of fun to play. A family gamers image. Miyamoto

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IDEA SCREENING Nintendo Company focuses on 5 main factors: The Image. The Marketing. The Price The Quality of Product. The Quantity of Products.

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CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT Nintendo’s Market Needs Expand the gaming market. Direct relationship with consumers, Nintendo’s feedback from “Online services” to have a consumer feedback. Attacks “ Non-Gamers” to play. Follow the Blue ocean strategy. Testing the Product

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CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT Nintendo new strategy in the market

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CONCEPT TESTING Testing steps: Challenge was to reduce the responding time. Increase the prompt measuring. The size. Draw graphs, and give direct feedback.

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MARKETING STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT Wii-Fit Targeting: Those who are interested in health and exercise. Non-traditional gamers. Families. Women and Girls. Casual gamers Party gamers

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BUSINESS ANALYSIS = THE SWOT brand name flexibility first mover advantage classic games close to customers corporate culture experience international market smaller budgets trendy graphics competing products re-purposed GameCube potential markets sport Emerging economies old fashion games first time players advertising graphics losing programmers competitors new entrants shorter life span software piracy board games environmental issues

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PRDUCT LIFE CYCLE MARKETING Product Life Cycle analysis

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PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT It all started with a simple bathroom scale. Challenges needed to be overcome: Slow respond time, and the lack of promptness in measuring the weight Size. It was not wide enough to do exercises comfortable like push up and Snowboarding. Design. The shape was not really attractive. (It was designed ‘in-house’ to reduce the cost. Durability

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PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Wii-Fit Prototypes Final Wii-Fit 4 1 2 5 3 6

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THE FIRST APERANCE OF WII FIT The Wii Fit was first introduced to the public at the E3 Conference in Los Angeles in 2007. This permits them to obtain information from the public about their product. The E3 have been used by Nintendo to gather information from future customers and could be seen as a previous market testing.

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COMMERCIALIZATION No serious market testing. It was considered a minor project. Wii-fit Launching: JAPAN: December 2007. EUROPE: 25th April 2008. USA: 19th May 2008. AUSTRALIA: 8th May 2008. North America: 21st May 2008.



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CURRENT PRODUCT SITUATION Total Sales Worldwide: WII Console Station: 19.94M Japan: 4.94M America: 8.71M Others: 6.29M (mainly Europe) WII FIT: 3.41M Japan: 2.07M America: n/a (launch on the 21st may) Others: 1.34M

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Pricing strategy was already given because its a part of a product range. Product Mix pricing strategy. The uniqueness of the product gave a sort of freedom at the pricing. You can specialise in gaming fields, and buy equipment for it, but generally the software comes with the special equipment if needed The start is cheap, and no huge immediate investment is needed for gaming. PRICING STRATEGY

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Intensive distribution strategy Underestimated demands, stock problems, postponed launches. DISTRIBUTION

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Focus on the ‘one of a kindness’ of the product New advertising style demonstrating the product. Special messages for certain consumer groups. Educational functions of the advertisements. A happy family gamers. ADVERTISING

Wii Share of Market : 

Wii Share of Market

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KEY LEARNING’S The biggest challenge was to get through the differences of working It was hard for us to work together We have had to change the way to work, especially for Tamas, to adapt. Personal experiences

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http://www.vgchartz.com/games www.nintendo.fr / www.nintendo.com / www.nintendo.co.jp LSA Magazine www.wikipedia.org Frances Brassington, Stephen Petit: Principles of marketing (third edition) http://us.wii.com/wii-fit/iwata_asks/ V. SOURCES



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