Victoria's Secret Vs. Chantelle Paris


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Compare both brands in terms of: -Brand personality -Ads analysis -Brand positioning -Brand value and associations -Brand Name and Logo -Points of differentiations and parity


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The Plan Companies overview Brand personality Ads Analysis Image and Identity Brand positioning Market Target consumers Brand value and associations Negative Brand Associations Brand Name and Logo Points of differentiations and parity

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Overview Victoria’s Secret is owned by Limited brands, Inc which was founded in 1963 by Leslie H. Wexner. The company sells women’s intimate apparel, personal care and beauty products, and women’s and men’s apparel. 3 segments: Bath & Body Works, Apparel and Victoria’s Secret. Victoria’s Secret is the most successful segment of the Company selling trendy and colorful lingerie. Constant growth in operating income with huge brand recognition. The brand became the leading retailer in women’s lingerie.

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“Only a few lingerie brands have a real history and can claim true expertise.” Chantelle, whose origins date back to 1876 is the #1 French lingerie company in the international market. Chantelle (known in the beginning as Chantelle Paris, Lingerie Couture) began corset-making in 1902 and created the world's first elastic corset. “Chantelle” in 1949, when it established itself as a reference brand of body-shaping undergarments with the historical slogan “Chantelle, the girdle that does not creep”. Chantelle Paris Mission: "In the great tradition of Parisian Couture, a perfect alliance of expertise and creativity, Chantelle's designers imagine tomorrow's figures and work to transcend femininity."

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Brand personality Brand personality The Aaker scale encompasses five different dimensions to a brand in order to manage identity and image to create likeability by (Aaker J, 1997)

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Brand personality

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ADS ANALYSIS Cute Sexy Fun Playful SEXY, PROVACITIVE, EXTREME Sophisticated and Daring Innovative and fashion right. Different lingerie lines

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Enhancing pure sexiness Women must still be as pure as they were hundred years ago. Attracting middle age women. Elegant and very feminine. Romance in the air Angel wings represent the idea of purity Bright colors represent simplicity, innocence and neutral. A reflection of all things feminine in soft colors and delicate laces.

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ADS ANALYSIS Image of fashion, luxury and quality. The golden logo represents prestige and expensiveness. Black and white reflects a classy image. Beyond Beauty The bright lightening is positioned to reveal the woman’s form wearing the perfect bra. Women’s pose, impression of confidence and sensuality at age of 40.

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Image & Identity Culture Physique Self-Image Personality Reflection Relationship Ultra feminine Trendy pink represents youth and femininity Wide, Fun & Sexy models Stylish women Sexy and self-confidence. Fashion Prevailing taste Prestige We work for the greater good... Doing what is right.. Being inclusive and pursuing excellence. Seeking beauty and sexiness

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Image & Identity Culture Physique Self-Image Personality Reflection Relationship Quality Sober (simple) but sophisticated Chic Traditional Symbol of the French culture The style and the sensuality Trust in the quality and aesthetic of the product Buying Chantelle’s product women feel sexier and more confident Chantelle attract mature women (30+)

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Traditional Fashion Low Quality High Quality Brand Positioning

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First segment target First segment target: Market Target - Consumers Women attracted by the brand’s style and prestige to look and feel sexy. Women from 20 years old college students to 30 years old mom who buys VS online. Girls who seek VS’s to complement her young and sophisticated personality. Second segment target Men who seek to reward in their life with gifts on special occasions. (wives, girlfriends, fiancés..etc) Women more than 30 years old Women who look for quality, classic but elegant lingerie Customer need to have a certain purchasing power to buy products Second segment target: Men with relatively high social status who want to offer quality and expensive lingerie to their wives, girlfriends, fiancés…etc

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Focus on bright colors and less modest product lines. At the same time, updating the store atmosphere to be more hip-loud music and bright colors. The frequent use of supermodels in its advertising, massive events and fashion shows with a high use of celebrities. Limited number of retail stores. Example, only 6 shops exists in France and shops only located in 25 countries with 60 per cent of its sales coming from export. (very selective) Limited use of massive fashion shows. Limited number of invitations Very exclusive and independent.

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BRAND ASSOCIATIONS – BRAND VALUE Brand value Quality Well formed Sexiness Personal /complicity brand Couture Sensuality Brand association SEXY MATURITY CHARM CONFORT CLASSIQ SENSUALITY EXPENSIVE and HANDWORK Brand mantra (brand promise/positioning statement): quality product to reveal the beauty and sensuality of women

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BRAND ASSOCIATIONS – BRAND VALUE Brand Associations: Modern, fashion-inspired collections Glamorous! Innovative Daring and confidence Romantic, feminine Eye-catching Charming model and stunning fashion shows Brand Value: Victoria’s Secret had the greatest brand loyalty among consumers who purchased for style. Prestige products Creative Presenting trendy colorful fashion Sensuality and sophistication Sexiness and the style Brand Mantra: ultra-feminine lingerie to enhance sexiness and style

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NEGATIVE BRAND ASSOCIATIONS -Brand went beyond the core value of what is sexy? to what is too sexy? (Lack of sophistication) Very seductive (loss of existing consumers) Company faced a 12% decline in net income for its fiscal 4th quarter. Target mainly focus on teenage and college girls. the temptation to change customers views is a huge challenge. Too selective (few event, few shops). Chantelle wants to have an image of discrete luxury brand to keep a prestige but it can be viewed as an inaccessible brand. Can be perceived as too expensive. Focus on limited target (mature women) Apparently, you can be too sexy

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Resonance and memorable name French consonance and pronunciation to insist on the French image and origin. Very feminine name (in French, the sound “elle” are feminine, as well as “elle” which is the feminine pronoun “she/her”.) “Chante” means sing, it is the association of both words” chante” and “elle” Idea of freshness In french the name has a connotation of “bourgeoisie” Advantage of the French name to export abroad  to promote the French savoir-faire, elegance and quality. Writting: black letters, in regular and classic type Logo: a double C, the smaller is hung on the bigger, it is as a woman jewellery, pendant. It is a simple but classic, chic logo The use of “Paris” add a real advantage for the brand image and reinforce the French origin Brand name and logo

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The Pink color adds a gentles and softness touch to the feminine world. PINK and word SECRET lead to surprises, mystery and curiosity. The name VICTORIA originally comes from the word victory which reflects to success and quality. PINK Background reveals beauty, trendiness, self-worth and acceptance. Easy to recognize logo and eye –catching presenting the feminine environment in two words “simplicity”.

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POINTS OF DIFFERENTIATION - Jennifer Aaker’s brand personality: Chantelle paris holds more sincerity and sophistication Victoria’s secret has a higher degree of competence and excitement. Brand associations: Chantelle Paris reflects a classier image, high quality and luxury products. Victoria’s secret presents more stylish, young and seductive products. (Image perceived differently to audience). Target segments: Chantelle Paris attracts more women of age 40. Victoria’s Secret is more into young girls from 20 to 30.

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Points of Differentiation Identity prism Chantelle Paris shows a traditional and simply identity. Victoria’s Secret owns an identity that is ultra-feminine and very trendy. Personality Chantelle Paris reflects a character of a mature woman. Victoria’s Secret stands for sexy and fun super models. Branding strategy Chantelle Paris owns very few shops online worldwide (brand very independent and confidential). Victoria’s Secret brand is more common in public with high involvement of celebrities and fashion shows.

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Points of Parity: In terms of brand positioning, they both hold a degree of quality and very well-know in the Fashion world. According to jennifer Aaker’s brand personality, both brands are far away from ruggedness. Self-image is quite the same as women in both brands are seeking for beauty, sophistication and confidence. Both attract men as second target segments. to enhance core brand, both use a wide variety of product lines.

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