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-Explaining the EasyGroup business model and .strategy -Business model of easyjet and how to apply it on EasyCinema.


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EasyCinema Study case

EasyJet Business Model : 

EasyJet Business Model What is the company’s vision for growth? The largest low cost airline in Europe. Infilling between existing destinations. Increasing the capacity of aircraft to cover different regions.

Slide 3: 

What is their policy on ensuring best quality products? Costumer service and quality. Simpler fare structure. Low unit cost. Strong branding. Multi-base network. Stelios Haji-Ioannou, founder of the Easygroup brand which includes Easyjet, UK

Easy Jet Business Plan : 

Easy Jet Business Plan How are those policies applied to Easy Jet's business plan? Minimize distribution costs by using internet for booking Rapid turnaround time at airports. No in-flight meal services. Cutting cost of issuing, distribution and processing tickets.

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What is the mission? Provide costumers with safety, good value, point to point services. Effect and offer consistent and reliable services.

EasyJet strategy : 

EasyJet strategy Eliminate advertising and traveling agencies. The use of newspaper promoting. The use of websites as an aggressive tool in a very competitive market. Using the concept of “simplicity” and “facility” Avoid significant labor cost. Reduce the cost of engineer business operation.

Easy Everything strategy : 

Easy Everything strategy Easy Internet Cafes: A chain of 400 seat capacity internet cafes. Offering clean, uncluttered layout, high quality hardware and attractive prices. Prices based on demand level. The access to easyjet airline website is free on charge.

Easy Rent Car : 

Easy Rent Car A rental service based on dynamic prices and online advanced booking. Each site has a capacity of renting 500 cars. Websites are located close to the airport and city centers targeting urban dwellers.

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an exciting new venture of the Europe-based easyGroup. easyGroup is a well-established European group with a reputation for offering innovative, low cost alternatives to customers with successful ventures such as easyJet, easyInternetCafe and easy Car.

EasyCinema business strategy : 

EasyCinema business strategy Tickets are booked through the website or a machine in the foyer. Prices are based on: Advanced booking. Demand of particular shows Length of movies.

Easy Cinema business strategy : 

Costumers are allowed to bring food and drinks. A turnstile to register tickets payments Simple seats of the same standard. Easy Cinema business strategy

How does the business model of easy cinema work? : 

How does the business model of easy cinema work? 3 Types of renting films from distributors: 1st Run: The movies which are screened immediately after released. 2nd Run: Cinemas negotiate at low cost after 10-15 weeks from release. 3rd Run: Movies released as videos.

EasyCinema implementing the following: 1. Initially, entering small towns and suborned areas for fast growth. 2. mergers and acquisitions with other cinemas. 3. Pay the rental films by using the 3rd run of running films from distributers. EasyCinema implementing

Those 2 elements are missing !! : 

Those 2 elements are missing !! The 2 main reasons people go to cinemas: to be updated with new movies. to obtain a fun and comfortable, high quality atmosphere. what are the possible threats?

EasyGroup failure : 

EasyGroup failure The reasons of possible failure: 1. The regular cinema tickets are not extremely expensive. 2. Compare the cost of airline and cinema tickets. 3. People are willing to pay for entertainment. 4. Renting DVDs can cost less then heading to the cinema. 5. Most cinema goers are seeking for new movies and a comfortable atmosphere.

Done By:International GroupAmal Sanad, Sara Almarzooq, Bilong Paloma, Dina : 

Done By:International GroupAmal Sanad, Sara Almarzooq, Bilong Paloma, Dina Thank you for your Attention

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