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THE 2010 CENSUS What State, Local, and Tribal Governments Need to Know: 

THE 2010 CENSUS What State, Local, and Tribal Governments Need to Know March 22, 2007 Sponsored by: The Population Resource Center, the Metropolitan Policy Program of The Brookings Institution, and The Census Project

Why Care About Census Accuracy?: 

Why Care About Census Accuracy?

Because the Numbers Define Us: 

Because the Numbers Define Us Local communities apply for funding by demonstrating need Local governments better understand how to use limited resources to enhance commuting Fire and Police Departments improve services with knowledge of local neighborhoods Health Departments identify groups at risk and protect public health

The Master Address File(MAF): 

Foundation of the 2010 Census and the American Community Survey (ACS) The Master Address File (MAF)

The Master Address File: 

The Master Address File List of all exact addresses in the U.S. Used to mail census questionnaires to most households in the United States Used to pinpoint and follow-up on housing units that do not respond

Easier Said Than Done: 

Easier Said Than Done The Census Bureau has had great difficulty in identifying exact addresses in many places throughout the nation

Types of Housing Units the Bureau May Miss: 

Types of Housing Units the Bureau May Miss New construction Conversions of buildings from non-residential to residential use Garages converted to residences Attics or basements used as apartments Subdividing that yields apartments

Problems with Some Addresses: 

Problems with Some Addresses Some housing units do not have apartment numbers Most common in small multi-unit buildings where mail is delivered without apartment numbers Units may or may not be detected or recorded

Confusion is the Result: 

Confusion is the Result The MAF may not accurately reflect all addresses in your communities Census Bureau can’t sort out which housing units were counted and which were not Census Bureau cannot accurately do an accounting of what was and what was not counted

We Can Do Something: 

We Can Do Something

Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA) Program: 

Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA) Program Local governments can review and correct the address list Local governments know their localities best Resource requirements and timetable pose obstacles to many local governments


2007 2008 2009 2010 Jan 07 Advance notice letter Jul 07 Invitation letters Jul 07- Jan 08 Registration andamp; materials shipment Aug -Dec 09 Get feedback and submit appeals LUCA Program Aug-Nov 07 Training workshops Aug 07-Apr 08 LUCA review andamp; submissions Apr 08- May 09 Census Bureau processing andamp; field checking

What Does LUCA Involve?: 

What Does LUCA Involve?

Assembling a Local Address List for Comparison with the MAF: 

Assembling a Local Address List for Comparison with the MAF '911' Records Residential Utility, Water, Sewer Accounts Records of Real Property Lists of Facilities New Construction Permits/Certificates of Occupancy Demolition Permits Inventories of Vacant Structures Targeted fieldwork

Achieving LUCA Success: 

Achieving LUCA Success Build list of addresses beforehand Focus on most problematic addresses Field check and document your addresses

BUT...By ItselfLUCA May Not Be Enough: 

BUT... By Itself LUCA May Not Be Enough

Address List Problems Carry Overinto the Census Enumeration: 

Address List Problems Carry Over into the Census Enumeration Mailed questionnaires cannot 'find' their destinations because apartment numbers are confusing or non-existent Fieldworkers following-up on non-responding households cannot sort out who answered and who did not answer via mail

Special Enumeration Procedures: 

Special Enumeration Procedures Update/Enumerate

What is Update/ Enumerate?: 

What is Update/ Enumerate? Questionnaires are not mailed Census workers walk blocks with a list of addresses in hand Knock on doors, update addresses and count residents

Update/ Enumerate Planning: 

Update/ Enumerate Planning The Census Bureau has used U/E methods on some Indian Reservations, Colonias and selected resort communities The Census Bureau’s plan does not currently include the use of these methods in all places with apartment number problems There are no plans to test these methods in upcoming census tests

What Can You Do?: 

What Can You Do? Urge local governments to participate in LUCA Encourage chief executives to take a leadership role in the formation of Complete Count Committees at state and local levels Ask the Census Bureau how they intend to count people at addresses that are not clearly labeled

What Can You Do?: 

What Can You Do? Request that your Congressional representatives ask the Census Bureau to present its strategy to incorporate U/E methods in 2010 Encourage the Congress to appropriate the funds for these activities

For Further Information: 

For Further Information State Data Centers Census Bureau Regional Offices Census Bureau LUCA Program The Census Project The Population Resource Center

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