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School CH ICE Scholarships


All children will be better educated at their families’ choice of schools. Low-income families throughout Jefferson County, who want their children to receive an education at a private school. Low-income families offset the cost of tuition at private schools that the families have determined will best meet the needs of their children.


Low income families who live and attend school in Jefferson County with: Children entering grades K – 6 and Children enrolled in the Federal Free and Reduced National School Lunch Program.


Single parent with three children Annual Income below $12,000 Living in Louisville’s inner city, western and southern Jefferson County


Currently, Louisville is ranked 14th of 50 US cities for the percentage of poor living in areas of concentrated poverty. Before the Louisville city merger, Louisville was the 3rd worst city in the US for concentration of poverty, behind only Fresno and New Orleans. 40% of Louisville's low income African American families live in high-poverty neighborhoods.


19.1% of Jefferson County’s families with children under the age of 18 live in poverty. How does the income level of a typical School Choice family- a single mother with 3 children with an average income of less than $12,000-compare? The poverty level for a family of 4 is $19,307. Statistics from the 2003 Census Bureau.


Quality education can break cycle of poverty. Academic Potential is not determined by socioeconomic status.


*According to the Progressive Policy Institute Kentucky ranks 35th of 50 states and Washington, D.C. for its graduation rate. Louisville ranks 37th of 50 metro areas in its education necessary to compete in today’s 'knowledge economy.'* Kentucky is only one of 4 states that has NOT passed legislation giving competitive alternatives to parents of children that attend poor performing schools.


Currently Jefferson County spends on average, $7,513 per student. Their performance scores are still well below the national average. Jefferson County Elementary School Low Income Students CATS Performance in 2005 Percent Below Grade Level 100 75 50 25 49 68 66 Reading Math Science Dollar amount from the National Center for Education Statistics. CATS scores from Kentucky Department of Education.


PROBLEMS Lack of educational opportunities for low income families 400 children on the School Choice waiting list SOLUTIONS Advocacy for School Choice Program Scholarship support from private sector RESULTS Immediate academic performance improvement Dramatic long-term effects: stimulating educational sustainability


Since 1998, SCS has awarded over 1,500 scholarships through a lottery to low-income children in Jefferson County. 97% of the funds raised go to support the scholarship program; only 3% of the funds are used for administrative purposes. On average in Kentucky, 99% of private school students graduate high school and 92% go on to college.


100 90 10 38 16 57 Average Percentage of CH ICE Students Reading At or Above Grade Level (2003-2005) 50 40 30 20 80 70 60 0 Entering CH ICE CH ICE 1 Year CH ICE 2 Years 35 30 54


'My name is Ciara. I just wanted to thank you for my CHOICE scholarship. I love my school. Thank you for helping my mom to help me. When I grow up, I will do the same – help others.. I will be a star, you know.' -- CHOICE Student


'Every child we have loves school and your generosity has made it possible for us to provide the children with a higher quality of education than we, with our very limited income, would ever have been able to provide for them.' – CHOICE Parent


100 90 10 38 16 57 Average Percentage of CH ICE Students Reading At or Above Grade Level (2003-2005) 50 40 30 20 80 70 60 0 Entering CH ICE CH ICE 1 Year CH ICE 2 Years 35 30 54


100 90 10 46 16 49 Comparison of Low Income Students in Jefferson County Public Schools and Choice Students Reading Below Grade Level 50 40 30 20 80 70 60 0 Entering CH ICE End of 2003 School Year CH ICE 1 Year End of 2004 School Year CH ICE 2 Years End of 2005 School Year 7 16 50 56 Choice Students Jefferson County Students 16

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