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A U S T R I A: 


Stephan Freh: 

Stephan Freh born in Salzburg 1979 graduation from Higher Technical School for Business-Engineering 1998 Military Service FH Marketing & Sales since 1999 Internship in Canada in 2000 stay in Finland since February 2001 set up his own company GM Web Consulting fall 2000 hobbies: skiing, surfing, sailing, computer stuff

Florian Schmied: 

Florian Schmied born in Vienna in 1980 stay in USA for 6 months in 1996 graduation from High School in 1998 Business-Engineering in Vienna in 1998/99 skiing instructor since 1999 FH Marketing & Sales since 1999 stay in Finland since February 2001 hobbies: skiing, squash, travelling, going out, ...


Agenda Introduction Brainstorming Video History Basic facts Political situation 10 minutes break Business Cultures


Ostarrichi 996 „Austria“ was first mentioned

The Habsburgs (1278 - 1918): 

The Habsburgs (1278 - 1918) Charles V (1526-56) „The empire on which the sun never set“

The Habsburg Empire: 

The Habsburg Empire

The Habsburg Empire: 

The Habsburg Empire

The Habsburgs (1278 - 1918): 

The Habsburgs (1278 - 1918) Thirty Years War (1618 – 1648) 1700 the Habsburg Monarchy became the leading power in Central Europe Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Josef Haydn & Johann Strauß Napoleonic Wars Austria lost the Netherlands

The Habsburgs (1278 - 1918): 

The Habsburgs (1278 - 1918) Imperial Austria (1804 – 1918) 1867 the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy was founded 1914 outbreak of World War I

1st Republic of Austria: 

1st Republic of Austria 1918 – 1938 Old big Austria became new small Austria 1932 Nazi terror started 1934 civil war fascist regime under Chancellor Schuschnigg

The „Anschluss“: 

The „Anschluss“ 1938 - 1945

2th Republic of Austria: 

2th Republic of Austria 1945 – today 1945-1955 four zones of occupation May 5, 1955 the State Treaty was signed

2th Republic of Austria: 

2th Republic of Austria

2th Republic of Austria: 

2th Republic of Austria 1945 – today 1945-1955 four zones of occupation May 5, 1955 the State Treaty was signed Since 1955 Austria has been an active member of the United Nations Since 1995 member of the European Union.

Basic facts: 

Basic facts Full name: The Republic of Austria Area: 83,854 sq km Population: 8,139,000 Capital city: Vienna (pop: 1.64 million)

Demographic facts: 

Demographic facts People: 97% Germanic origin, 2% Slovene & Croat and 1% Turkish Language: 97% German, plus some Turkish, Slovene and Croat Religion: 88% Roman Catholic, 6% Protestant

Economic facts: 

Economic facts GDP: US$184.5 billion; GDP/Person: 24.746 US$ Expected annual growth in 2001: 2.1% Inflation: 0.9% Public debt in % of GDP: 64.4% Expected public deficit in 2001: -0.8%

Businesses in Austria : 

Businesses in Austria Major industries: Machinery, textiles, iron & steel, timber, tourism Trading partners: EU(esp. Germany, Italy), Switzerland, Eastern European countries, Japan, USA Famous Austrian products: Red Bull, Atomic, Fischer, Head, Manner, Swarovski, Darbo, Wolford, Lauda air, Austrian Airlines, Tyrolean airways, …

Austria today: political situation: 

Austria today: political situation Since 2000 new government: coalition between the conservative Peoples Party (ÖVP) and the right wing Freedom Party (FPÖ) International isolation for several months Has the picture of Austria changed? Is there a general European tendency towards right wing parties? How does this change affect the EU?

Coffee & Smoke Break: 

Coffee & Smoke Break See you in 10 minutes!

First contact: 

First contact How to address people by Telephone FAX mail Email Personal contact Through intermediary

Dressed for success: 

Dressed for success Women Business suit Skirt Blouse No or decent jewellery Men Dark suit Tie Shirt No jewellery Informal does NOT mean jogging suits, sneakers, ...


Meeting Be on time Hierarchical structure Men stand up when women enter Shake hands Business cards English widely spoken Arrive well-informed No „risk-taker“ Relaxed atmosphere Say what they think but sometimes in an ironic way. Rap their knuckles on the table top.

Entertainment & Manners: 

Entertainment & Manners Business lunch Coffeehouse meeting Dinner parties Invitation to Opera, Theatre, concerts, ... Small gifts are expected to say thank you Public behaviours Table manners Discussion during meal Toasts


Topics Sports Travel Music Beer & Wine Current events Politics „Ansschluss“ World War II Holocaust Be careful with personal questions. Never mix up an Austrian with a German!!!



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