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In order to produce a new plant many flowering plants need to be pollinated. This means that pollen, produced by the male part of the plant needs to reach the stigma. Many plants cannot be pollinated by their own pollen. The pollen must land on another plant of the same species (type). This is called cross pollination.


Flowers are vital to the reproduction of flowering plants. Flowers are made up of several different parts.


Style Stigma Ovary Petal Filament Anther Click on a label or circle to find out more


Petal The petal attracts insects to visit the flower. The colours that we see in flower petals are very different to those seen by insects with their specialised eyes.


Stigma Together with the Style and Ovary the Stigma makes the female parts of the plant. The Stigma receives the pollen from visiting insects.


Style The Style leads down to the Ovary. The Style along with the Stigma and the Ovary make up the female parts of the flower. The female parts of a flower are called the Carpel or Pistil.


Filament The Filament is one of the two male parts of the flower. The Anther and Filament together are known as the Stamen.


Anther Together with the filament the anther makes the pollen. The shape and size of the Anther and Filament depend on the type of insect that the flower attracts to pollinate it.


Ovary The ovary is one part of the Carpel or Pistil which are the female parts of the flower. The female parts make the seeds.


Insects pollinate many flowering plants. The flower attracts the insect by using bright colours and also scents. The insects arrives at a flower to collect the nectar which is a sweet liquid. While the insect is collecting the nectar the male parts of the flower brush it with pollen.


The insect then travels to another flower where the pollen brushes off onto the female parts of that flower. If the pollen is from the same type of flower then it pollinates the visited flower.


The pollen from the first flower sticks to the sticky Stigma. Part of the pollen called the Male Cell travels down the Style. The Male Cell then enters the Ovary. Within the Ovary the Male Cell joins with the Ovule. The plant has then been Fertilised. After Fertilisation the seeds start to grow. The Ovary of the flower becomes the fruit containing the seeds.


Stigma Pollen grains land here The Male Cell travels down the tube The Male Cell fertilises the ovule Style Ovary

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