How to Maximizing Your Laser Production


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As a fabricator you can use various techniques to get the best out of your laser production and laser machines. What to know the technique? Read more...


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slide 1: How to Maximizing Your Laser  Production            With laser engraving and cutting system there is one thing                     that comes as an absolute benefit: the speed. These systems                     render the fastest results to etch a pattern or cut the piece                         with the design. But when you have such a system in place it                           is important to maintain efficiency otherwise it can hamper                   your overall growth. So here are six hacks to help you with                         maximizing your Laser Production.

slide 2:   1. Make a Batch  A basic thing to pay your attention to. When you print                       multiples at one time it reduces production time. This can be                       possible in the cases when you require the same engraving or                       cutting on more than one item. When you engrave in batches                       you can experience an increase of 37 in the time savings.                       When you are working in the batches how many products                     would go in once depends hugely on the table size. You need                         to enlarge the page size in your graphic design program to                       match the full table size where you place your laser. In such                         cases you can use a jig to space out the items. The output                           from any batch would be a result of using the right nozzle                         which includes a Trumpf nozzle or ​ ​Precitec nozzles ​.    Adjusting Resolution  This is another factor to consider when you want to increase                       production. Especially in engraving jobs it is important that                   the final image output is adequate. When you keep your                     DPIDots per inch higher it will take longer to engrave the                       item. And if your DPIs are higher then the dots are going to be                             closer together. This will produce a detailed image but it                     might take a bit longer time. If you lower your engraving                       resolution a bit it can increase your time savings by 33 or                         more. The key here is to find the right combination of             

slide 3: resolution and pattern which render achievable results with                 good quality in less time.    Color Mapping  Using color mapping can save your engraving time. For                   example there is a design with three columns and in it there                         are 30 names. At first the laser will see it as one image and the                               laser head will travel over the white space columns to engrave                       the graphic. When you have a color mapping in place it                       enables you to skip all the white space as it assigns each                         column a different color and an associated engraving order.                   This way the laser will engrave one column at a time traveling                         over white space. It will save you almost 43 time depending                       on the item you have put for the job. For better results of this                             technique you can use a ​Trumpf nozzle or Precitec nozzles in                       the implementation.    Center engraving  This makes it easy to work with the various sized items as you                           can create a custom template for each one. It allows the user                         to move the laser by hand to the center of the project. Set the                             center point as the new home position and the laser will utilize                         that point to properly place the graphic. Compared to other                     items it will save you a lot of time.

slide 4: Pre-engrave Items  Customization is a great opportunity to give your business a                     new customer base. But singular jobs can prove to be very                       inefficient. Because if you load and produce the same design                     over and over in your engraving machine it consumes a lot of                         your production time. To overcome this obstacle you can                   pre-engrave and create an inventory of your popular items.                   This way you can just load pre-engraved material and save a                       lot of money time. Thus pre-engraving can help you to                       engrave the same items in one go to decrease the production                       time. It becomes easy to pre-engrave the major graphics of the                       design onto a batch. Once the order comes in you can simply                         use one of the pre-engraved boards back in the machine.    Using Job Manager  Using a job manager will help in keeping track of the regular                         jobs done in your laser machine. It becomes easy to streamline                       your laser processing workflow. It saves your time by giving                     you access to job time records databases status and more.    In a Nutshell  It is important to maximize your laser production for                   long-term production benefits. When it comes to laser                 machines keeping these little things in place would help you           

slide 5: eliminate unnecessary gaps in your system. Plus an increased                   rate of the job will be your additional advantage.            This Article Post is Originally Posted here: -maximizing-your-laser-production-1741005.html

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