Which Moving Truck Size is the Right One for You

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Whether you're going on a business trip alone or moving house, renting a car that fits your need is a must. And to help you, here is a quick guide to car sizes to use as reference for your next car hire. For more info: https://www.alphacarhire.com.au/cars/truck-hire


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How to Choose the Right Moving Truck Size for your Big Move

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Moving houses is a daunting task. From packing to disposing items you don’t want to take with you and finally lugging everything into a truck. It takes at least a few days for you to finish everything. And when you fail to check the size of the truck it adds to the hassle because your things won’t fit into it and you’ll be forced to come back for the rest of your items. Thus adding to the total cost of the moving van. To avoid this particular headache cover your bases and remember to check the number of things you need to move and to consider the size of the truck you need to hire. To help you here are a few things to think about before you call a moving service. Do a Survey Several weeks before your big moving day you should consider checking the rooms in your house and counting the furniture. Take note of each piece of furniture in the rooms and take their measurements. That includes beds dressers and desks. Also consider any items you won’t be able to pack into a box. Doing this will give you a better idea of how much space you will need in the truck to get your belongings to your new home. Get Rid of Extra Baggage If you’re looking to avoid the hefty fees of larger trucks or just don’t want to take all of the items you’ve stored over the years then you should consider getting rid of some extra baggage. Go through closets attics basements and garages find your old things and dispose of it in a way you see fit. You can donate it to a charity have a moving away garage sale or throw them away in the dumpster. However you choose to do it just remember that the goal is to lessen your load to fit all of your things in one go come moving day.

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How Its Measured Before you book it’s a good idea to see how moving companies measure their trucks. They typically have their own set of guidelines to help you decide on the equipment size you will need. The two most common ways of measuring are by the number of bedrooms or by cubic feet ● By the number of bedrooms. Easily the simplest way to determine the size of truck you need this estimate is almost always right as it just puts into consideration what you can find in a typical bedroom. That can include a bed dresser and a nightstand. But don’t forget that these are just estimates and it can be wrong depending on your circumstances. For instance some bedrooms have more furniture than others. And if that is the case you can choose to get the truck that is the next size up from your estimate. ● By cubic feet. Some companies offer their measurements in cubic feet for each truck. Best reserved for those who have enough time to measure their furniture to get a better idea on what truck to get you can put the measurements onto an online calculator to get a better idea on what size truck to get. But because this is an estimate don’t put all of your trust into this method as there are instances that this is wrong.

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Doing measurements yourself is a great way to find out if the one-way truck hire removal service you will get is a fit for your belongings. But also remember that because each company has a different way to make measurements the estimates you made may not be accurate. So it is always best to ask their professional opinion beforehand. Doing so will avoid the hassle and allow you to get everything in one go. Sources https://www.alphacarhire.com.au/cars/truck-hire http://movinginsider.com/2013/01/14/truck-rental-siz/ https://www.thespruce.com/rent-the-right-size-of-moving-truck- 2436302 http://sierrasglenss.com/pt-1-choosing-the-right-size-moving-truck/

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