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Chapter 10 ILLUSTRATION P. 171-179 A good writer should always use examples or illustration to develop a general idea, or prove a general statement. Examples are specific and concrete, not general or abstract. They explain, clarify, or demonstrate a general idea. An illustration use an extended, developed example. That is why we often say: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” (Li 2007) Examples help readers understand the writer’s ideas by making abstract ideas concrete and easier to understand. Most students remember the examples an instructor used in the class long after they have forgotten the point the instructor was trying to make. Examples keep the reader’s attention and make writing vivid and memorable. For example, you can hardly appreciate the true idea when you hear the sentence: “A little learning is a dangerous thing.” And yet, the bunch of stories will help you clarify what the “truth” implies. (WR 171, Li 2007) This (2007) PPT document is designed exclusively for instructional purposes, with adapted references from various sources. Please do not duplicate without the instructor’s permission.


“A little learning is a dangerous thing.” An Essay on Criticism Alexander Pope 1688-1744 A little Learning is a dang'rous Thing; Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian Spring: There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain, And drinking largely sobers us again. 膚淺之學乃危殆之事; 窮經深探始能品嚐百靈甘泉。 淺沾使人徒入迷津; 飽學深思終可戒懵增慧。


“A little learning is a dangerous thing.” Original Photos Withheld Here. Check your own class notes.


(1) Elderly passengers are advised to take the elevator. (2) Elderly passengers please take the elevator. (3) We advise the elderly passengers to take the elevator. 【+ Binding force】 【- Binding force】 Taipei MRT, Our Pride. Analyze the semantic differences implied in the following sentences:


Even the Holy See (Vatican), graced by the Pope, was situated in ROME.


The Colosseum, Rome


Recall “Julius Caesar” of William Shakespeare, …


…or the legend of “Gladiator” in Italian history


ROME, a gracious city where Shakespeare had his inspiration initiated.


“Not that I love Caesar less, But I love Rome more.” (Brutus)


Recall “Julius Caesar” of William Shakespeare, … Julius spoke at the Senate.


As Julius was speaking at the Senate, Rome, Brutus walked up and … Brutus stabbed Caesar at the heart! “Et tu, Brutus!”


Romans, countrymen, and lovers! hear me for my cause, and be silent, that you may hear: believe me for mine honour, and have respect to mine honour, that you may believe: censure me in your wisdom, and awake your senses, that you may be the better judge. If there be any in this assembly, any dear friend of Caesar's, to him I say, that Brutus' love to Caesar was no less than his. If then that friend demand why Brutus rose against Caesar, this is my answer:– Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more. Had you rather Caesar were living and die all slaves, than that Caesar were dead, to live all free men?


As Caesar loved me, I weep for him; as he was fortunate, I rejoice at it; as he was valiant, I honour him: but, as he was ambitious, I slew him. There is tears for his love; joy for his fortune; honour for his valour; and death for his ambition. Who is here so base that would be a bondman? If any, speak; for him have I offended. Who is here so rude that would not be a Roman? If any, speak; for him have I offended. Who is here so vile that will not love his country? If any, speak; for him have I offended. I pause for a reply.


Mark Antony: Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him; The evil that men do lives after them, The good is oft interréd with their bones, So let it be with Caesar…. The noble Brutus Hath told you Caesar was ambitious: If it were so, it was a grievous fault, And grievously hath Caesar answered it…. Here, under leave of Brutus and the rest, (For Brutus is an honourable man; So are they all; all honourable men) Come I to speak in Caesar's funeral…. He was my friend, faithful and just to me: But Brutus says he was ambitious; And Brutus is an honourable man…. He hath brought many captives home to Rome, Whose ransoms did the general coffers fill: Did this in Caesar seem ambitious?


When that the poor have cried, Caesar hath wept: Ambition should be made of sterner stuff: Yet Brutus says he was ambitious; And Brutus is an honourable man. You all did see that on the Lupercal I thrice presented him a kingly crown, Which he did thrice refuse: was this ambition? Yet Brutus says he was ambitious; And, sure, he is an honourable man. I speak not to disprove what Brutus spoke, But here I am to speak what I do know. You all did love him once, not without cause: What cause withholds you then to mourn for him? O judgement! thou art fled to brutish beasts, And men have lost their reason…. Bear with me; My heart is in the coffin there with Caesar, And I must pause till it come back to me.


The Harvard-educated economist and grandmother promised to rid her country of corruption, and set the stage for recovery from Liberia’s bitter and violent past. Johnson Sirleaf promised Monday to unite her people. “We know that your vote was a vote for change, a vote for peace, security and stability, a vote for individual and national prosperity, a vote for healing and leadership,” she said. “We have heard you loudly.” (USA Today Jan. 17, 2006) Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, President of Liberia Jan. 17 2006


An Honest Man An Admirable Man Turn to Pp. 172, 174, 175 “By setting a good example for me, my father showed the meaning of honesty, hard work, and generosity.” Make a sentence to conclude what you have experienced in your life. Turn to Page 177


Use examples or illustrations to support one of the following statements: No one is perfect. Where there is a will, there is a way. Violent TV programs are dangerous to children. Mr. Kevin Lin (or someone else) is an excellent role model. Learning to speak and write English can be fun (tough, a nightmare) Adversity can strengthen characters. The Internet can save consumers money when it comes to buying. The Internet is useful to me for my learning at school. The Internet provides convenience to me in many ways. A little learning is indeed a dangerous thing. We are in need of statesmen not demagogues. Writing can be fun.


Chapter 26 VERB TENSES Review Verb Tenses, 336 – 338 Be ready for Quiz 1. Turn to P. 335 Do Exercises 1-2 in class Pages 339 – 341. Chapter 26: Verb Tenses (pp. 335 - 343) The sandhill cranes _________ (arrive) here last weekend. The birds ________ (fly) all over northern Taiwan since last week. My grandfather ______ (take) some nice photos of the cranes yesterday. The little birds ________ (take) to the sandhill for food by their mother. Next week: QUIZ 1

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