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Night-Sky protection in Switzerland Philipp Heck, IDA Switzerland (Dark-Sky Switzerland) 4th European Symposium on the Protection of the Night-Sky, Stuttgart 24-25 September 2004


Large Media response Since 2nd European Symposium in Lucerne: Many articles in national newspapers, TV and radio Invited talks (also at governmental environmental offices, environmental institutes) => awareness creation!


Target audience authorities general public electrical engineers / planers


Political developments Call for action at federal council Call for action at canton of Grisons Calls for opinion at various cantons (SG, AG)


Law / Droit fédéral Loi fédérale sur la protection de l’environnement (Art. 1, 6 , 11, 12) Loi fédérale sur la chasse et la protection des mammifères et oiseaux sauvages (Art. 1, 7) Loi fédérale sur la circulation routière (Art. 61) Ordonnance sur la signalisation routière (Art. 95, 96, 98)


Ban of skybeamers! Ban of skybeamers in cantons LU, AG and various communities Applications of existing law: skybeamer = advertisment


Political developments very slow response from the swiss agency for environment (BUWAL) Demands: => Light pollution should be treated like water, air        pollution => effective measures


Political developments fast and efficient response on the municipal level: LP is becoming a known environmental problem replacement of old fixtures by new efficient LP- friendly ones ban of skybeamers in some communities


Research Projects on LP in CH René L. Kobler, Institut für Umwelttechnik (FHBB): Establishment of an expert centre for light pollution Investigation of the whole chain of action: From psychological to technical and environmental aspects => Generation of transferable knowledge


Thank you and Dark Skies!

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