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PLC HMI |PLC Programmingthis changed the production line into an automated line Labour is a very important thing when it comes to an industry. In fact if there are no workers then there would be no production in any industry. This was the case till a few years back. But now almost everything in every industry is automated. This means that machines have taken the role of workers. This not only reduced the labour requirement by a large margin but also the time required for the production would be less when compared to manual production. But in order to make sure that the production process goes on smoothly there needs to be a very good coordination between the machines and the people who operate them. This is where HMI comes in: The coordination: As mentioned above the coordination between the machines and the humans is very important. This is because the machines would not know what to do. They need to be constantly programmed so that they can work efficiently. What makes this coordination possible is the human machine interface. In a production line certain changes would need to be made at certain times. And hence the certain changes would also need to be made in the working of the machine. So a machine that works in the same manner is useless in an industry. But instead a very versatile robot is the requirement. The operator should be able to program the robot to work according to the requirement of the industry. What is a PLC HMI

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HMI stands for human machine interface. And PLC stands for programmable logic controller. The HMI is simply an interface between the operator and the machine. This can be just a few buttons and lights that can be used to alter the working of a machine. The PLC is the hardware that can be used to realise the required programming. Earlier the machines in the production line were controlled by using relays and other simple devices. And hence complex programming were not possible but with PLC complex programs can be realised. Also the mechanical switches needed to be maintained frequently and hence the costs of maintaining such systems were huge. But in the case of PLC HMIs the only cost is the initial one. What are the requirements of a PLC HMI The system should be able to take care of the all the required functions like start up and switching off. The basic production should also be carried out without any hassle. Changes like number of items speed of certain parts etc. should also be possible. In the case of HMI the operation should be quite simple. The operator might not always be an engineer and hence if the interface is a complex one then the operator might find it difficult to operate. When it comes to automating a manufacturing process the most important thing is to install a PLC Programming. And in order to find the best system visit

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