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The Han-Modular building-block concept from Harting that allows connector inserts for audio video power and data signals to be combined in three different housing variants is one of the most important elements from the brand. There is a wide range of choices available to choose from in terms of weight cost resistance to damage and potential for cable trunking drag-through. Lets us take a look at the various solutions that Harting has brought for rugged connectivity possibilities in AV multimedia applications. The Han-Yellock series The Han-Yellock series is a comprehensive concept that offers additional solutions for mounting material and housing labeling along with a tool for producing the sheet metal cut-outs. Every product of this series is a flexible component that offers utmost safety and reliability. With three different contact insert systems Han-Yellock products unburden highly complex technical components and supply everything from energy supply to data transmission. The new addition to this Han-Yellock series is the Han-Yellock 10 a smaller form- factor device that can accommodate a wide range of inserts allowing signal types like

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RJ45 Ethernet data 10-40A power fiber optics and mixed power and data. The larger Han-Yellock 30 and 60 housings can accommodate 25 and 48 way monoblock 20A crimp contact inserts to provide a high-density and damage-resistant connector capable of handling all kinds of power lighting circuits. The Han-Eco series There is the new rugged lightweight plastic Han-Eco series connectors which are ideal for event and concert hoist and motor control power distribution installations with mixed power and secure Ethernet data control in a single housing. It contains IP65 protection covers for hoods and housings to provide utmost protection. The Han-GND and Han-Fast Lock There are other Han connector products that offer connectivity solutions for fast setting-up and breaking-down of LED displays for both indoor and outdoor applications. The Han-GND solutions provide for potential equalization with rugged fiber-optic connectors and cables assemblies with IP65/67 protection making it possible to implement grounding systems in a pluggable design. The Han-Fast Lock provides a power connection from Han-style connectors directly to a printed circuit board. Harting Ethernet switches Harting also provides managed and unmanaged Ethernet switches for application in theatre and concert lightings and automation networking which can be built into customized control and junction boxes thus providing operators with a useful box- build assembly service. Harting RFID technology Along with all of that mentioned above Harting’s new RFID technology can also be applied for improved asset management for entertainment companies and for theaters which share equipment for touring shows. All in all Harting provides the best solutions for rugged connectivity solutions for all kinds of AV multimedia applications. You can get all of that mentioned above along with many other products from Harting including circular connectors data connectors electronic connectors power connectors heavy duty connectors modular rectangular connectors current sensors encoders high speed backplanes and PCB terminals at Alltronix the most reputed Harting distributor in Pune Chennai Bangalore Hyderabad Delhi and Mumbai. Follow Us On: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+

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