Duties of Certificate iii in Individual Support Holder

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Duties of Certificate iii in Individual Support Holder Allstaff Training Consultants

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OVERVIEW Certificate iii in individual support is a course allows you to work as a personal supporter in aged care facilities community care disability care hospitals and other related organizations. This certificate reflects the persons opting one of the most vulnerable careers in the health industry as it ensures that he/ she is valid to perform the duties.

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DUTIES OF INDIVIDUAL SUPPORT WORKER: An individual support worker does everything from giving bath to feeding his/ her patient. This certificate course provides hands-on training in taking care of a patient. One who owns this certificate knows how to tackle with the patient while performing all the duties like toileting dressing feeding food or any related assistance. FROM BATHING TO FEEDING

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Certificate iii in individual support validate the worker that he/ she knows about basic medication and drugs. So he/ she can provide medical assistance to the patient. A support worker knows to change dressings and give oral medication as prescribed by a doctor. MEDICATION ASSISTANCE

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MOBILITY ASSISTANCE Besides the personal and medical care a support worker also provides mobility assistance to the patients and persons with disabilities. People with these situations are not able to walk properly and they need assistance by safe hands. So support workers having valid certification can build trust in them that they are assisted by a knowledgeable person.

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A support worker also plans and prepares a meal for the patient as prescribed by the doctor. People who need special care may not able to follow the diet chart. In such cases their nursing assistants who have certificate iii in individual support plan for them and prepare food that goes with medication and health. PLAN AND PREPARE MEALS

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HELP WITH LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING Trained support workers also help with light housekeeping tasks like doing laundry washing dishes making beds etc. They are caring nurses for the patients who are not able to do their house works at their own because of sickness or any disability. Support workers not only provide them with a helping hand but also cheer up their mood in a friendly way so that they dont feel lonely or sad.

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If you wish to pursue your career as an individual support worker and looking forward to where to get certificate dont look beyond All Staff Training Consultants. This is an Adelaide based registered training organisation that provide nationally accredited qualifications like certificate iii in individual support and other certificates in aged care disability leisure and health.

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CONTACT US TODAY Level 1 5 Leigh Street Adelaide South Australia 5000 more. Address 08 8212 1766 Phone Number allstaffiinet.net.au Email Id Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm Timing https://www.allstafftraining.net.au Website

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