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Planning to visit, work or study in Canada? Allkind Insurance offers visitor health insurance to visitors. Which includes emergency medical and other medical coverage. Call Simran Saini to know more about insurance plans. 416-994-7272.


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Visitors to Canada Insurance – Allkind Insurance Inc .


If you are planning to visit or apply for a Super Visa in Canada, then we are here to help you provide emergency medical needs while being in Canada. This is done to let you enjoy your trip to Canada without any disruptions. If any health emergency comes up, you can cover the expenses with our visitor Health insurance that is simple, affordable and easy to use so that you don’t end up paying in this emergency. Our Plan details cover emergency medical care for the following expenses : Physician services Ambulance services Hospitalization Prescription drugs


Why choose AllkindInsurance ? We offer optional deductibles on the emergency medical care costs. We can also arrange direct payment to the hospital. We one of the most recognized and branded insurance company in Brampton, Canada. Our Visitors insurance meets all the requirements of Canada's super visa. Travel assistance available 24/7 for any emergency, anywhere you travel.


Your coverage of $50,000, $100,000 or $150,000 for emergency medical care, including : Hospitalization fees for a semi-private room. Professional fees for nurses and physicians obligatory for emergency medical treatment. Upwards of $2,000 for emergency dental care treatment in case of an accident. Emergency home return by air ambulance or commercial flight with a medical escort. Upwards of $1,000 for accommodation and meals if your return visit is delayed due to a medical emergency. Professional services by a physiotherapist or podiatrist when medically necessary and prescribed by the attending physician, up to a maximum of $300 per meeting. In case of a trip break (Applicable only when the stay in Canada in minimum for one year), you can return to your home country and come back without terminating the insurance.


Coverage options are available for visitors whose age is 60 or less. And also for temporary visits to any other country except for your country of living. You have to purchase this plan before you land in the country; otherwise, the cost may differ. What are the Additional benefits of our Insurance plan? We work on a 24/7 emergency where specially trained, professional assistance personnel are ready to assist you when you need their help. We also provide referrals where we referred you to the closest medical provider. Our team will monitor all the service that you receive in the time of an emergency. We also cover side trip near Canada during a side trip.


Address - 20 Maritime Ontario Blvd, Unit #10, Brampton ON L6S0E7 Email- Call - 416-884-7272 Office - 905-587-2020 Toll Free- 1-888-680-4803 Office Timing- Everyday 9:00am – 6:00pm Website-

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