Tips Regarding SEO Content for 2014


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Undoubtly the content is the King, but it may require much planning before you could start working on the content. It must have been useful, versatile and innovative as well.


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Tips regarding SEO content for 2014:

How to Manage Your content Tips regarding SEO content for 2014

Content Is King……:

We have always heard this thing that Content is King in SEO. Therefore, we are going to discuss some of the SEO content, where you have to lay the foundation first. In the first month January, the first month will just be the skeleton where the body of the content plan will be held together as the plan will be gradually built out month by month throughout the year. You can opt for content calendar and the publication to the multiple platforms which is an enterprise tool, only if you can afford it. But there are many other people who only rely on the spread sheet. Content Is King……

Plan for it…:

The first thing which you will have to do is to make a list of the planned topics, keywords, key phrases and the other SEO related data. The column has to be tracked across the social shares, conversions and downloads as well. The suggestion for the improvement should also be tracked and listed in a column. The author popularity and the rankings of the sheer ability have also been listed in the column. Plan for it…

Where to share Content….:

The types of the content, whether in the form of video, audio, tweet, blog, display ad, content or the image should also be listed and well described. The checklist must have included the details of the content and its tracked record, for example, where is it shared and when is it shared? Where to share Content….


The content does not necessarily mean the blog post only, The great content plans may include the blogging as well, but now the content include e-newsletter, info graphics, videos, eBooks, white papers and much more. Even though a large team of writers working with you, you might have to have a new master format and new media as well. The constant self education on the new media formats and the handy call on a bench to the subcontractor agencies and the freelancers. Versatility.

Plan ahead.:

you need to plan ahead to get your ducks in a row, while having an idea of your content plan and the event calendars, the needs have to be mapped accordingly. Give a thought to your project and ask whether it will grow or not? Do not wait till the last minute and wait till the copywriter or the developer have an extra time for you. Plan ahead.


there is a term use called content emergency, as the result of fast online moves. You can never tell when a perfect sharable moment turns out to be a part of the problem, if it is handled poorly. You will have to spot a potentially scalable social moment quickly and act fast. Budget.

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This should be addressed initially, but you will have to jump in whenever you feel like helping others online. Finally, when you have done mapping your content, gotten up with your team, paid media campaigns and SEO and the solid content is being generated, the final step will be Useful. Useful Content.

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