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For spinal treatments, it is necessary to consult a specialist. Read this blog and know about the types of spine specialist available in Singapore who can be consulted for different spinal problems.


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Blog 01: Alignbrace.com Spine Specialists in Singapore Singapore has one of the best health care system in the world and it is very convenient for Singaporeans to find treatments for all types of disease even for spinal ailments. A spine specialist in Singapore can be approached if a patient suffers from: · Severe or acute back pain · Fracture in vertebrae · Backbone injuries · Scoliosis: a spinal deformity where the vertebrae of the spine is in curve. · Stiffness in back muscles · Difficulty in bending · Neck and leg pain · Numbness weakness and tingling in the limbs and other parts of body · Sharp pain affecting motor skills and causing difficulty in general movement Various treatments are available depending upon the condition and degree of severity. For complicated condition surgery is undeniable but for back and neck pain problems physical therapy is very helpful. For problems related to scoliosis or bad posture bracing is an effective treatment. For spinal treatments it is necessary to consult a specialist. Following are the types of spine specialist available in Singapore who can be consulted for different spinal problems: · Chiropractors: they offer non-surgery treatment for strained muscles causing back and neck pain. · Neurosurgeons and orthopaedic surgeons: can be approached for more serious spinal conditions requiring surgical treatment such as spinal cord injury. · Rheumatologist: specialised to diagnose and treat conditions affecting any joints bones and muscles in the body. · Pain management physicians: trained to treat and diagnose the causes of acute as well as chronic back pain. · Physical therapists: recommends controlled movements and exercises necessary to increase muscle strength and flexibility. Things to look for in a spine specialist in Singapore:

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Blog 01: Alignbrace.com · In case of surgery it is important to check that the surgeon has board certification and training in spinal treatments. · It is better to choose a specialist who mostly deal with spine-related issues as compared to one who sees spine patients occasionally. · With more experience there is more efficiency in work so it is essential to select an experienced specialist. Spine related problems should be treated as early as possible so that it does not become severe and affects physical movement which can hinder a person in performing daily activities.

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