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By:Franco,Raymond, And Jasmine


giraffe The animal our group had chosen is the giraffe. Giraffes are the tallest of all land animals. Most of their great height comes from their long necks and long legs.


Giraffe Giraffes’ necks are so long that they could reach high into the trees to feed on leaves. Their legs are so long that they can take huge steps. As it may seem the origin of the giraffes’ name had nothing to do with the animal’s size.


Giraffe It was the Arab word Xirapha, which means the one that, walks very fast.Giraffes live in Africa but they have only been Found in certain parts. Usually on tree-dotted plains or in open forests. They are seldom seen in deserts or in dense forest.


Giraffe The Giraffe has a hard time eating grass from the ground because of its long legs. It prefers the leaves of trees and bushes. At a river, giraffes take turns drinking. To reach the water a giraffe must spread its legs and then lower its long neck.


Giraffe Giraffes give birth standing up, so the 150-pound calf has a five-foot fall to the ground. After about 15 minutes, the newborn giraffe unravels its long legs and stands to its full height of six feet, taller than many full-grown men and women. During the first week of its life, the calf grows more than an inch a day. By the time it is one year old, it will be almost ten feet tall. Usually, one giraffe is born at a time. Twins are rare.


Giraffe The future of giraffes is not as dark as the future of many other African animals. For one thing people really like giraffes and want to help them survive. This was not always the case. Settlers in South Africa killed giraffes in great numbers to make bullwhips from the giraffe’s tough hide. But giraffe really don’t give anyone any reason for hurting them.


Giraffe Giraffes don’t bother the cattle or other livestock . They usually don’t eat the crops that people grow. Giraffes stay pretty much out of people’s way and mind their own business.


We would like to thank our fifth grade helper Sammy.

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