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Animal ID-Beyond Animal HealthID-INFOSeptember 29, 2005: 

Animal ID-Beyond Animal Health ID-INFO September 29, 2005 Paul Clayton U.S. Meat Export Federation



Types of Traceability: 

Types of Traceability Carcass Fabrication Packaging Distribution Retail / Food Service/Consumer Ranch Stocker Feedlot Plant (FSIS Inspection) Should Animal Disease Identification be connected with Food Safety Recall? Is there an application for Source Verification, Process Verification of Commercial Traceability?

What is the function of Animal ID, Traceability, Source Verification and/or Process Verification? : 

What is the function of Animal ID, Traceability, Source Verification and/or Process Verification? Control animal and zoonotic diseases Only need live animals procedures FMD, BSE, Scapies, PRRS, PMWS Food Safety Chemical Antibiotics, Hormones, Pesticides GMO Sanitary Microbiology GMP Physical Risks: Needles Only need plant procedures Recall procedures Commercial purposes Branded Programs Source Verification Identity Preservation Information Exchange Genetics Production Practices

Traceability System: 

Traceability System Traceability alone does not contribute to higher levels of safety or quality, it only transfers information along a supply chain. In order for traceability to affect quality it must be associated with some type of quality assurance mechanism that imposes a set of standards and procedures and specifies data to be recorded so that quality can be assured. It is the sharing of information recorded by firms, or by other institutions to which it is passed, which constitutes the bulk of any traceability system Souza-Monteiro and Caswell, Economics of Implementing Traceability in Beef Supply Chains: Trends in Major Producing and Trading Countries, June 2004


Definitions Identification: Identify animals and record their movement over their lifespan Traceability (Trace back): The ability to trace the history application or location of an entity by means of recorded identifications. (ISO 8402:1994) Product Tracing: The ability to identify by means of paper or electronic records a food product and it’s producer, from where and when it came, and to where and when it was sent. (CCFICS) Identity Preservation: Maintaining product integrity throughout production and processing cycles of a food system

Traceability Demand: 

Traceability Demand Trade and consumer pressure to show that livestock and meat has been produced and processed in a safe and hygienic manner. The trade and consumers want to be assured that: Judicious use of compounds with responsible application have been exercised in the production of meat products. Good Production Practices (GPP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) have been applied throughout the production and processing of the animal and meat. Proof of these practices and procedures can only be accomplished through traceability systems, source or process verification.

The New Era of Better Informed Consumers : 

The New Era of Better Informed Consumers Consumers, both domestic and international are demanding assurances of food safety In addition to safety, consumers want to know where the product was produced, who produced it and is it fresh Dickson and Bailey, Meat Traceability: Are US consumers willing to pay for it? 2002

Japan Consumer: 

Japan Consumer Consumer study in Japan indicated that having a 'traceability kiosk' in the retail store engenders consumer trust; Consumers occasionally use the kiosk, but consumers just want to be reassured of the safety of the product. Specifically, this study indicated the consumers want to know about the following attributes of meat products Antibiotics GMOs Hormones Agrichemicals Consumers want more information on brands and traceability: They are familiar with domestic brands and the key message of the brand They need to know about the intrinsic attributes of a brand to understand and trust it.

Commercial Traceability: 

Commercial Traceability Carcass Fabrication Packaging Distribution Retail / Food Service/Consumer Breeding/Farrow Weaning Grower Plant (FSIS Inspection) Source Verified Value Attributes Animal Disease Traceability Food Safety Traceability Finisher

Modern Animal Agriculture: 

Modern Animal Agriculture Uniform Inputs Genetics Feed Production Practices Animal Health Feed Animal Welfare Variable Inputs Carcass Sorting (Premium Programs) Carcass Fabrication Production Genetics Feed Production Practices Animal Health Feed Animal Welfare Processing Food Safety Enhancements Quality Enhancements Value Attributes

High Quality Beef: 

High Quality Beef Grain Fed High Food Safety Standards Quality Management Consistent Supply Versatility

High Quality Pork : 

High Quality Pork Nutritious High Food Safety Standards Quality Management Consistent Supply Versatility

Brands Becoming the Norm: 

Brands Becoming the Norm Branding will grow because a brand represents a promise of quality A tremendous amount of marketing and dollars will be placed behind a brand A brand can build customer loyalty andamp; repeat buyers

Marketing Value Attributes: 

Marketing Value Attributes Each of these product lines have traceable attributes. Some attributes must be traced back further in the production process.

“Story Meat”: 

'Story Meat' Voluntary Marketing Tool Shows Producer, Farm and Livestock Let’s Consumers Know Someone Stands Behind Products

Audit, Review and Compliance Branch: 

Audit, Review and Compliance Branch Provides services for Quality System Verification Programs

Beef Export Verification: 

Surveillance Audits Conducted Qualified AMS Auditor Conducts Desk Audit Successful Audit Application Is submitted AMS Web Listing Onsite Evaluation Conducted by AMS Approved by AMS 1 3 5 2 4 AMS APPROVED Beef Export Verification

Pork for the European UnionNon Hormone Treated Cattle: 

Pork for the European Union Non Hormone Treated Cattle

USDA Processed Verified Programs : 

USDA Processed Verified Programs Cargill Meat Solutions Value Pork Verified Pork Farmland America’s Best Pork Murphy Brown LLC American Berkshire Association Premium Standard Farms Seaboard Farms PM Beef Group Ranch to Retail Red Angus Assoc. of America

USDA AMS Certified Brands : 

USDA AMS Certified Brands Certified Beef Programs Certified Pork Programs Montbello Premium Pork

USDA AMS Brand Name Beef Programs: 

USDA AMS Brand Name Beef Programs Nolan Ryan All Natural Tender Aged Beef Natural Yield Grade 1andamp;2, 600-899 Carcass Weight, 11.0-16.5 sq. in. Ribeye Marbling Slight 0-100, A Maturity Fat ¼ inch Electrically Stimulated 14 days of Aging Smart Vision Beef Cam USDA AMS Certified









South America: 

South America




Japan Book Keeping System ID Cattle at Birth Verify Birth ID at Death or Slaughter Verify BSE Test is performed on each animal at death or slaughter JAS Requires disclosure of feed and antibiotic use




Summary Regulatory Traceability Animal Disease Control Product Recall Commercial Traceability Value Attributes Brands Source / Process Verification

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