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Minnesota NAISSwine Project 2004-2005: 

Minnesota NAIS Swine Project 2004-2005 Dave Wiklund NAIS Project Coordinator

What we wanted to do: 

What we wanted to do Use RFID’s in production pigs to allow a combination of group / lot ID and individual ID Tag a small % of pigs at wean Combine that ID with a group / lot ID Electronically capture and report all individuals with RFID in every group at the receiving premises Capture data at 4 premises Upload individual animal and group data to a central repository

Who contributed to the project: 

Who contributed to the project USDA Funding and data framework Minnesota Board of Animal Health Project objectives, data repository Digital Angel Tags, software, hardware, data storage and exchange Protein Sources Paid for tags, tagging, data collection

Hardware and Software: 

Hardware and Software Minnesota Board of Animal Health GDB for data storage (animal ID table) Destron (Digital Angel) Pigsmart for data capture and reporting FDX RFID’s Bluetooth paddle RFID readers Protein Sources Pigsmart for data capture and reporting


Gilt Multiplier 5% Sow Farms 10% Animal Flow


Data Flow Gilt Multiplier Sow Farm Nursery Finisher


Incomplete All data transfer Test exercise Analysis of project

What we have learned: 

What we have learned NAIS in some segments can be done now Hardware and software is available now Need mandatory rules for reporting

This Year: 

This Year Voluntary premises registration 9044 registered to date By Species Beef 5440 Dairy 2032 Swine 1601 Poultry 1055 Sheep/Goats 995 Horses 773 Misc 154 Total 12,242

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