Why Frontline Plus is Essential for Your Dog

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WHY FRONTLINE PLUS IS ESSENTIAL FOR YOUR DOG What if on a relaxing Sunday you are bathing your dog and suddenly spot tiny brown and black dots on him You might think it to be dirt until it jumps in your dog’s coat and you come to know that those are frisky fleas who have made home on your dog. Fleas and ticks are ubiquitous creatures. Therefore it is imperative for pet-parents to be vigilant about providing flea preventions in order to avoid their pet to suffer from flea and tick infestation and other flea and tick-borne diseases. These wingless bloodsuckers like to set up shop in a dog’s warm coat. And if you see one flea that means there can be many as they have four stages of development. So it is crucial to eliminate them with effective treatment. There are numbers of chemical treatments for fleas in the market but these products do more harm than good. However Frontline Plus is the most reliable and trusted product for your pooch to get rid of fleas let us know why. Frontline Plus Frontline Plus is the topical flea and tick control treatment for dogs. The larvicidal property of this treatment hinders the development of juvenile flea stages and kills them. Frontline plus efficiently eliminates adult flea ticks larvae and pupae. It is an easy to apply treatment that works by killing parasites as they come in contact with it. Moreover this treatment restricts the re-infestation of parasites in your dog. Unlike other preventives that constrain your pup from coming in contact with water Frontline Plus is water resilient. It can be used to treat adult dogs and puppies older than 8 weeks of age and it is also safe to be used for breeding or lactating dogs irrespective of the breed.

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Frontline Plus for dogs contains ingredients such as Fipronil and S-methoprene. Fipronil is an ingredient that kills all the adult fleas and S-methoprene kills flea eggs and flea larvae. Moreover it also prevents fleas from laying eggs and pupal development. Now when we have an idea about what Frontline Plus is and how it works here are its key benefits that you need to know. Key Benefits • Stops and prevents flea and tick infestation • A trusted brand among pet parents for many years • Kills adult fleas within 12 hours of application • Kills adult fleas flea eggs and flea larvae • Kills fleas which may cause Flea Allergy Dermatitis • Destroys all types of ticks in 48 hours of application • Stays effective for 30 days • Fast acting • Easy to administer • Water resilient treatment Unlike other products the Frontline Plus serum acts as a shield between pet and possible flea infestation. The serum spreads throughout the dog’s entire body by seeping into the pores of your Fido’s skin. When used as directed each month your dog remains flea-free

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and their skin will be no more attractive to larvae. So you will relax by knowing that your pooch wouldn’t bring any new parasites while playing outside. Manufactured by Merial Frontline Plus is the no. 1 vet recommended flea and tick treatment for dogs. Merial has a global span of product distribution and specializes in vaccines for animals from livestock to household pets. Frontline Plus is a product of this prevalent company and with its effectiveness it provides sure shot satisfaction and relief to the pet and pet- parents. Reference:- http://budgetpetworld.weebly.com/home/frontline-plus-the-water-proof-flea-tick-treatment

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