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Traveling with your dog and seeing places together. Yes, wandering with your dog is the most amazing escapade, that as a dog parent, you should definitely take on.


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How to travel with a dog “Wander directionless to find the directions of life” Well this quote is true to its core and even you would agree to the fact that traveling makes you a better person and the experiences that you go through actually enriches your soul. Hence traveling is great traveling alone is best but do you know what is better than the best Traveling with your dog and seeing places together. Yes wandering with your dog is the most amazing escapade that as a dog parent you should definitely take on. Although many people think that traveling with a dog is really tough which is partially true because you have to make extra arrangements and make sure your pal is safe. However these all efforts are justified when you sit with your pooch and enjoy the adventure. What All You Need To Do To Take Your Dog With You It’s a valid question that will arise in your brain Read on to know the answer. Lock An Appropriate Destination Now if you have decided to take your dog along makes sure you choose your destination keeping in mind that will your dog also enjoy the climate or not because there are some dogs who might love warm climate and there are some who dont like to holiday in warmer places. So keep in mind that whatever place you decide is also suitable for your furry companion.

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Buy The Clothes And Accessories Accordingly While you shop for yourself don’t forget to shop for your dog as well. If you are going to a colder country or a snowy place then jackets a coat shoes should be taken along. And similarly in case of warmer countries you can buy coolers and shoes to avoid your furry pal’s feet getting burned. Find Out The Rules And Regulations Of The Country You Are Going To It is very important to know the laws regarding pets whenever you visit a country. Your dog needs to meet the regulations of the country you are going to visit. Most of the countries only demand the rabies vaccinations and a microchip attached to your dog but if you are going to countries which are not rabies-free they may ask to bring the blood report proving that your pooch is free from rabies. The United Kingdom Ireland and Malta are some of the examples. Also tapeworm and other worm treatments are also mandatory to get access to these countries. There are many websites that you can search to know the regulations of different countries. Health Check-Ups Health check-up is the most important aspect. Contact your vet and get your pooch checked completely. If you are going to areas where fleas ticks or heartworm cases are common then taking the corresponding flea and tick treatments and heartworm preventives will be an obvious step. Most of the airlines require a health certificate from a Vet before they can allow your dog in the flight. Flights- A Stressful Experience Air travel is stressful for humans who are allowed to sit freely on a chair and can move so obviously it can be a stressful affair for your dog that has to stay in his/her kennel or crate. You can make your pet accustomed to the crate before you fly by encouraging and praising him/her to go into the crate. It would be better if you make your pet sleep in the crate permanently. This exercise will make your dog capable of adjusting to the changed surroundings and restrictions. There are many flight companies who allow dogs of size -46 cm length x 28 cm width x 24 cm height and weight up to- 8 kg to stay in the cabin with you. International Air Transportation Association IATA approved crates are generally provided on rent to the passengers and it is better to rent one because it will spare of the troubles of carrying a crate throughout the journey. Hotel Accommodations Fortunately now there are many hotels worldwide that are pet-friendly and allow pets. You just have to search for those hotels and check in.

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Just like you your dog also get jet-lagged because of the change in time zones and that’s the reason you should take your dog for a long walk to make him aware of the surroundings. Keep him hydrated as well because traveling is a thrilling experience but it is also an exhausting one physically so keep your dog hydrated and observe him/her whenever they feel uncomfortable. Don’t get worried from the list of the preparations that you have to do or things you have to take care because these all troubles will seem worthwhile when you see your dog’s reactions to new places things and people. Your bond and trust will grow and the adventure will be more adventurous with your furry pal. Reference:-

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