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Well, to help pet owners worried about their pet health, here are the most common and frequently asked questions that usually come onto our vet’s desk. To clear the fog surrounding pet health apprehensions and deliver the accurate information, here are the answers by our vet to help you take care of your furry friend in a better way.


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Vets Common Pet Health Question With a Pandora Box full of pet health concerns pet parents are always in a quandary to find the specific answers for most of their tricky queries. Whether it is related to pest treatment heartworm prevention joint issues eye or ear care dental hygiene or taking care of the aging pets pet owners like to google them out to find the correct information for their concerned questions. Well to help pet owners worried about their pet health here are the most common and frequently asked questions that usually come onto our vet’s desk. To clear the fog surrounding pet health apprehensions and deliver the accurate information here are the answers by our vet to help you take care of your furry friend in a better way. How to control fleas on pets Fleas the ominous of all not only deteriorate the health of your dog but also push them into the void of incorrigible health conditions and sometimes leading them to the abyss of fatality. And therefore every pet parent vests their interest in protecting their furry friend from the viciousness of these parasites. Treatments like Advantage Nexgard scalibor collar are highly effective in not only treating flea infestation but also controlling fleas when given monthly or as directed. How to control tick infestation in dog Ticks cause various skin conditions and ailments like Lyme disease Rocky Mountain fever and others. To prevent tick infestation it becomes paramount to treat your furry friend with monthly tick and flea treatments. Some of the most effective tick treatments are Frontline Plus Preventic tick collar and Simparica. How to prevent dangerous disease heartworm Heartworm infection is the deadliest as the treatment is quite critical and at times dangerous. Therefore usually vets recommend prevention program for heartworm control. Keeping your furry friend on heartworm preventives such as heartgard plus revolution advocate interceptor spectrum is rather profitable than the treatment. In order to prevent heartworms it is vital to treat your pet with monthly heartworm preventives year round without any interruptions. How to treat intestinal worm infection in your dog/cat Intestinal worm infection is yet another most common infestation that dogs and cats usually suffer from. Therefore deworming them is an essential health care aspect that every pet parent needs to be au courant of.

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Drontal popantel cazitel and antezole liquid and paste are some of the dewormers that you can use to treat your infected dog/cat. Puppies and kittens are usually infected by roundworms transmitted through their mothers. Therefore it is crucial to deworm them at the earlier stages. Adults should be dewormed at an interval of 3 months to prevent recurring worm infestations. In case your dog or cat is prone to worm infections it is essential to plan a regular deworming program for your furry pal. How to take care of arthritic dog With age dogs suffer from the signs of arthritis. Pain and inflammation in the joints reluctance to walk and difficulty in moving up and down the stairs are some of the primary signs your dog shows that you can figure out. Natures Answer Glucosamine is the best treatment that aids in reducing the signs of arthritis in your dog. Joint supplement such as Seaflex is also an effective one for joint care. How to administer flea pill to your fussy cat Normally administering flea pill to your furry cat is quite complicated and an arduous job. In order to tackle this you can either mix the pill in food by crushing it or can hide it in a meatball. To entice these fussy pet you can also administer it orally followed by a treat. This will leave a positive experience making your furry pal to be less fussy next time. How to prevent arthritis pain in your aging dog/cat Starting joint supplement at the earlier age of your pet boosts the health of joints invariably. Apart from protecting your furry pal from general wear and tear of joint tissues it aids in reducing the signs of aging. How to control dental issues in my pet Starting from age 3 normally pets suffer from dental issues. Though some are congenital mostly occurs due to lack of proper dental care. Pet parents need to set a dental regime where brushing and oral rinse has to be a compulsion for your pet. Moreover certain dental chews also aid in maintaining your pet’s oral health. How helpful are homeopathic anxiety treatments Pet parents are usually in a quandary as whether homeopathic treatment is effective or not. Many pet parents need to know that homeopathic treatments are not only effective but are also completely safe for your furry pal. Especially for anxiety disorders homeopet anxiety solution works wonders. These natural health products help you manage depression stress and behavioral issues in your furry pal.

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How imperative is monthly flea tick and heartworm preventive treatments Generally most pet parents are oblivion to the fact that all three parasitic preventive treatments are inevitable part of their total well being. As important is the daily requirement of food so the monthly flea tick and heartworm preventive which not only protects your furry pal against harmful parasites – fleas ticks and heartworms but also are highly impactful in controlling the various secondary aliments that arise due to these parasites. The chronic skin irritation flea allergy dermatitis dangerous Lyme disease lungworm and heart failure and other incorrigible health conditions can also be effectively prevented. If you still have any questions regarding your pet health please feel free to share in the comment box and our experienced vets would be happy to share their experience. Reference:- vets/

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